Share Online 4 Is Here: Some Welcome Additions & Some Gripes

The new version of Share Online is here and it is actually something to look forward to. The update brings uploading ques, a outbox to manage them, WiFi only uploads and the ability to remove Share Online from the standby screen. I’m sure a lot of us wanted this. However before all of you get excited, there is a catch. The update is only available for the N96, 6220 Classic, 6210 Navigator and 5320 XpressMusic. Download here.

The reason for this according to Senior Product Manager, Julio Castillo is that:

“The new features in Share Online 4.0 make use of technical enablers present only in the very latest versions of S60. Because of this, we are making this beta available initially only to a very limited number of devices. We are aware that this limits considerably the reach of this beta, but we wanted to make Share Online 4.0 publicly available as soon as possible in order to start listening to your feedback. We will add support for a few more devices in the following weeks.”

Fair enough, although I’d have expected the recently released N85 being pretty similar to the N96, to have made the cut. Anyway, for those of you lucky enough to have a compatible handset, here is what you can look forward to:

  • Improved upload/download experience. You don’t need to wait for your photos to be uploaded before uploading the next one. You can refresh your feeds, add comments, or even exit the application while the uploading is still in progress.
  • Outbox. You can see a list of pending uploads, as well as review, cancel or retry specific uploads. You can also use the Outbox to keep track of which photos and videos you have already uploaded.
  • Economic sharing. If you don’t have an affordable data plan, you can disable the use of cellular data in the Share Online settings, and queue your photos and videos to be uploaded as soon as a free WLAN connection is available. In addition, there are data counters available, in case you want to keep track of your cellular data usage.
  • Active standby indicators. Your outbox info is visible and accessible in your active standby screen. If you prefer, you can also remove these indicators.

Here are a few screenshots of the application running on the N96:

Notice the upload indicator, this is only displayed when there are pending uploads. I like it.


Why? Inspite of intoducing ques and after such a revamp why can I still only upload just six items at a time. Yes, I can make as many sets of 6 images and que them for sending but why should I have to? Isn’t convinience something? Please do something about it.

Via: Beta Labs

13 thoughts on “Share Online 4 Is Here: Some Welcome Additions & Some Gripes”

  1. Vaibhav, which device do you use? Did SO 3 support Ovi service for the indian phone model you have?
    On my N73 as well as the new N85, flickr or Ovi, both the services are not available.
    Acc to Nokia’s site, Share on Ovi via the Share online app is not available in India.

  2. These few new things would make my sharing easier, but sad it’s not released for my n95. 🙁 Hope it will be avaliable in the next upgrade. 🙂

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