Nokia May I Have Your Kind Attention – Its About The N96

I have a strange love and hate relationship with the N96. On the days that I carry my E71, I miss the gaming, music and the camera of the N96 and when I have the N96 I can’t wait to get back to the E71 because of the battery life and speed. However, that might soon change.

You might have noticed that inspite of having the N96 with me for quite a while, I’m yet to publish its review. The reason is the even with the current v11 firmware the phone isn’t fast enough and I have reason to believe that the upcoming v12 firmware will change that. So despite having the review ready, I will not publish it for the simple reason that the new firmware could easily take away the issues I have with the device. Hardware wise, there’s no problem at all.

Coming onto the N96’s second problem – the 950 mAh battery. At the MWC I had put this question to the product manager and he had justified the smaller battery by stating the they wanted to tare care not to make the phone too bulky. However, for the last few days I have been using the 1200 mAh battery in the N96 without any problem or extra bulk at all. The back cover bulges a little, but that’s it. It still gets attached without any glue or tape and the battery does wonders for the N96. I can easily go a day without worrying about it dying on me with heavy usage.

It is true that a lot of users won’t face a problem with the 950 mAh as well, but for the sake of the power users I’m sure Nokia could have put the bigger battery in, considering the fact that the thickness almost remains the same. (Check out the above video).

Since, I’m pretty sure Nokia will not make a new backplate that’s just slightly modified for the bigger battery, I’m hoping some accessory maker will catch on. Its a sure sell. But if that doesn’t happen you can still go ahead and get your the BL-6F and make your life way easier, in the process making the N96 a killer device.

Now Nokia, you messed up once – please get it right with firmware v12. Also, please get it out fast, as in super quick. Please.

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  1. Good to know.
    Personally I would prefer to read a review with negative sides than no review at all.
    Hearing a lot of good stuff about the device it would be good to know about the bad too before buying it. Even if there is hope.

  2. Maybe you could file the top edge just a wee bit to reduce the gap between lid and phone. I’ve done this to replace BL-5C with BL-6C batteries.

  3. well almost all the websites have reviewed the positive aspects of this phone and guys take my word nokia can not over ride the 330 mhz bar in there phones and 270 is very less..seems like nokia is just providing memory edition of handsets and not music or multimedia ones.

  4. I tried this but i have to say i really felt the bulk to be uncomfortable and drastically change the shape of the phone. The gap between the case and the cover seemed really big. i guess its down to personal opinion, but its not for me

  5. hi all, i have a n96 running v12.035 firmware and its all good, UI speed is fine etc, as for the BL 6F battery, i peeled off the outer sticky paper case and sanded the black plastin end part down to fit flush with the metal casing that was under the batterys paper wrap, also on the back cover of the n96 is some sponge stuff in the shape of a H, i took that off also and the bigger battery fits alot better.

  6. Why not just have a second 950 mAh battery charged and ready to go rather than the bulging 1200? But if a new third part case came out then I would reconsider using a second 950.

  7. I’ve tried this with my N96, and the cover doesn’t want to clip on properly with a BL-6F in there. The bulge is noticable and causes the back cover to come off easily.

  8. Hi,

    U have sloved a very bg prob which i am going to try in future but one more problem…i feel camara is not good…….i am feeling very sad…..can u help me……..


  9. Hi,

    U have sloved a very big prob(battry) which i am going to try in future but one more problem…i feel camara is not good…….i am feeling very sad…..can u help me……..


  10. Did buy a bl-6f battery and what a great difference in batterylife!
    One drawback is that the lid has fall of once, but what the heck..
    Come on Nokia, put some batterypower in your devices!

  11. hi dude.i am using nokia my phone the naviwheel not working.plz help me.i go to tools.setting.general.and naviwheel option. That option is not there.breathing only there can i see.plz help me

  12. I’v found a BL-5F battery with 1150 mAh batter and also updated it to latest firmware v30.033. Now i’v a great battery life and n96 is faster than ever 😀

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