S60 Ambassadors – Its Time To (E)N-Gage

I have to admit I am a little late on this, but hopefully this post will serve as a reminder in case you guys are missing out. The latest Global campaign N-Gage ‘Reset Generation’ went live late last month.

As a big incentive for the first 500 Ambassadors to who sign up for this campaign, Nokia/S60 will be giving away a free activation code for Reset Generation. I am happy to confirm that there are still plenty left so its not too late. Also up for grabs is a copy of “Star Wars: The Force Unleashed” for the next 12 weeks in you happen to pen the “Report of the Week”.

But the real jackpot comes in at the end, the 50 most engaged Ambassadors get rewarded with a Megapack of 10 N-Gage games which includes:

To sign up for the campaign go to the Ambassador site and click on “Campaigns”. There you’ll find instructions on signing up and getting your activation code.

The thing about being an S60 Ambassador is that for all these cool rewards you actually need to do almost nothing that you usually won’t. All you have to do is have a chat with friends, family, strangers, whoever about S60 and in this case, N-Gage. Just make sure you mention that you are an S60 Ambassador. Next, simply write a quick report on what was said, positive or negative. It doesn’t have to be long and detailed  or follow a fixed format, it should just convey the point.

With a little motivation, it should be fairly easy to make it to the top 50, so get your act together now!

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  1. sounds cool i’m going straight way..though i applied for free ngage free game and nokia never responded..i think i’m not gonna miss this one.

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