Updates On Nokia Vine, 5800 Xpress Music & The Nokia Music Store In India

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The Nokia Vine application, if you recall, was announced at the same time as the N85 and the N79 and was called ‘Life Vine’. A few months later the application has finally gone live and is available for all of you to have a play with. I have been using it on my E71 as well as the N96 for the past few days and have found it to be a much better alternative to the Sportstracker application when all you want to do is save the path you traveled along with the photos and video you took there. If you want it can also keep track of the music you played while creating the vine.

The interface is clean and simple, and unlike Sportstracker new users won’t get lost in the myraid of functionality and options. The officially supported phones include the E71, N78, N79, N82, N85, N95 8GB, and N96. Head over to the Nseries Vine website to try the application out.

Meanwhile there has been some development on the 5800 Xpress Music front in India. Instead of coming in December as was previously thought, the phone will hit India in January 2009 at an approximate price of Rs 21, 839.

Another thing worth looking forward to is the upcoming Nokia India Music Store. The store which is part of the Ovi umbrella, promises to deliver over a million tracks from global hits to local artists. Nokia has tied up with international music companies like Universal Music Group, Sony BMG, EMI and Warner along with Indian labels such as T-series, Big Music, Yashraj. This should make for a interesting combo, specially with ‘Comes With Music’ handsets coming.

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  1. The 5800 hits India only in Jan?? :O :O
    I have been waiting for it like 2 months now..!!
    Thought it will arrive by the 2nd week of December.. 🙁

  2. there’s one thing i really appreciate regarding this blog and that is the link(s) provided and really very well review of various softwares. Keep it up man..

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