New Firmware For The N85 – v11.047 Available (ChangeLog Inside)

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The very likeable N85 has gotten a new firmware v. 11.047 to be precise. We has heard about it a little while ago and the good news is that it is now available via the NSU, which also has gotten an update. The firmware is available across most generic product codes and should slowly be making its way to others. It brings support for the Nokia DVB-H accessory, support for the 16GB microSD and the Nokia application that should automatically check for newer firmwares from now on. For those of you in India, it is likely that Nokia’s given you the shaft and the firmware may take weeks to become available even if you have a SIM free N85. Full changelog below.

New features and applications:

– DVB-H accessory support (SU-33W)
– Nokia software checker application
– Support for Nokia MU-44 16GB microSD memory card


– Bad sound quality using BT headsets (CAP 97705)
– Cannot display the video under edit menu (CAP 99698)
– Keypad no response after make call with slide close (CAP 99169)
– Problems with finding contacts starting by “CH” (CAP 97026)
– Music player keep searching new songs when activated (CAP 97082)
– Message type changed to multimedia message (CAP 99880)
– Video recording quality improvement
– Imaging quality improvements, better colours saturation and flash
– Defaul setting change: Closing slide doesn’t disconnect call
– Short slide key illumination applied for Java application compatibility
– “Video call” is shown in Options when highlighting a contact in Space UI.
– Not detecting always wall charger -> Not charging
– 2G cannot connect to GPRS service in some cities in China
– Non stop Music Player “Library update”
– FMTX: The audio is routed to DUT speaker after receiving a message when FM
transmitter is transmitting audio.
– Predefined contacts does not support Chinese characters
– APN setting for Vodafone Mobile connect “Promt Password is set to Yes”
– Audio >> downlink quality
– Some of the S60 key presses are not registered by device
– Google Maps application not working with “Vodafone live!” access point
– Network level icon is not shown during VT call
– ITU is not responding when MO is done where slide is closed and opened when call
is established
– Long press of Media keys prev/next not working correctly for local videos
– DTMF tones sent from prepaid line to *600 (or *400) are not received by NW
– OFR_pop-up at boot about positioning
– Orange enterprises APN is used by default in the email Wizard
– Pod cast: messed up characters
– All key presses are not registered by device
– E-mail address limiting to max 30 characters
– SMS converting to MMS if more than 20 recipients

Via: Nokia Users

5 thoughts on “New Firmware For The N85 – v11.047 Available (ChangeLog Inside)”

  1. the improvements are great but media key not working properly and all key presses not registered by device looks odd.

  2. Downloaded the software, still a few bugs in the software

    1) when using FM trasmitter, music & sat nav transmits fine but voice calls do not.

    2) when using aux in on car and in music stand mode only comes out of left speaker and not the right.

    Then when remove and put headphones in only comes out of one speaker on headphones. Have to unplug the battery to get it out of both speakers using headphones.

    Other than that excellent phone better than the n96 bbc iplayer streams fine and downloads fine.

  3. Hi, I have an Indian-bought N85 and tho NSU didn’t work to update, I was able to do it just fine over the air. Maybe this will work for those with Indian-built handset.

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