New ‘Receiving Via Bluetooth’ Notification On The N85

New Incoming Notification - Share on Ovi New Incoming Notification - Share on Ovi

As you know I’ve recently gotten the N85 and as part of setting it up to my liking, I was sending across a few applications. It was then that I noticed something that I never had on any S60 earlier. There was a progress bar notifying me of the status of the file that was being sent in. Not only that, I could cancel the incoming if I so chose or simply choose to send it into the background.

Such a notification although common for other handsets has never been seen (to my knowledge) on a S60 so far. I immediately pulled out my N96 running the v12 firmware to see if this was being rolled out across all FP2 devices, apparently not.

Earlier, if two devices were paired & authorised and one of them initiated a transfer the only way to stop it from the recipient’s side was turning the BT off, however no more, at least on the N85. This screen takes a couple of seconds to pop up after the transfer starts and during that time no data gets transferred, at least not according to the windows progress bar.

Have you seen it on any other S60 device?

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