Unboxing The Nokia 5800 Xpress Music

The 5800 Xpress Music is finally in the house! I wanted to bring you the unboxing as soon as possible, so please pardon my very sore throat. Expect a flood of coverage soon, if you want me to cover anything specific make sure you leave them in the comments section. Enjoy!

14 thoughts on “Unboxing The Nokia 5800 Xpress Music”

  1. nice work there vaibhav

    jus one ques

    how do ya get these latest phones jus after they are launched???

    do u really but all these or do u get it frm sm where for reviewing???

  2. again a typo

    it seems typin on the cell has made me 4get my typin on the lappy

    its BUY not BYT or BUT

  3. hey wow.. been waitin fr this.. ur review is gonna make me buy the phone or decide not to buy it 😛

    Do elaborate on the messaging, contacts, gallery, battery life, speed and comparison of sound quality with other latest phones.. 🙂
    Ty.. 🙂

  4. Hi Vaibhav,

    Nice unboxing there!

    I have a few items if you could cover for me:

    1. I have heard that Quickoffice (viewer only) is avaliable through the Download application on the 5800 XM. Can you confirm the same?
    Also is the Quickoffice viewer free to download?

    2. Is the Adobe PDF reader for S60 pre-installed on the device?

    3. There is an S60 application from Indian Railways (IRCTC to be specific) which I’m using on my E51. Can you try installing it and tell if it works Link: http://www.irctcmobile.co.in/

    will post anything more as and when I remember.


  5. I am sorry but i purchased it last sat. And sold at monday. Because its resistive screen is not so clear altough it is 640*360 pixels also using a web browser is a nightmare bcause you cant scroll the whole page until it is fully downloaded .dont get me wrong but i dont recommend this 5800 to buy.

  6. Rishminder, I do get review devices.

    Kevin, I’ll be sure to cover all of that. For now, lets just say I seem to like the phone! 😉

    Nikhil, the quickoffice viewer is a free download from the Download! folder. Sadly, there is no PDF viewer pre installed. Lastly, the IRCTC application works, so does Ngpay which is a similar app with much more functionality. Hope this helps.

  7. it’s amazing i have it too. I cant get enough of it. One thing i dont know, where do i get videos for the phone.? It. only has Batman trailer and Hints and travel and stuff.

  8. Hi

    Tried downloading quickoffice through the download folder. downloaded but when i tried to install it, got the following messages

    1. Preparing Installation
    2. File Corrupted
    3. Item installation failed.

    Did a hard reset of the phone (lost all contact info and phone memory installation).

    Tried downloading the application and got the same message again.



  9. Hi

    Have another question. Is JoikuSpot Premium free with 5800? on all the websites it says so. however, the one which i installed on my phone is now asking for licence no. I do a “Get” for updating the info.. but get the licence no again.

    Same for IM+.

    Please let me know.


  10. I tried downloading some apps like IM+ and Adobe, but they are not “FREE”. How do you uninstall them?

    I tried using the Organize -> Remove way, but it’s not working.

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