Nokia Locate Sensor – I Like What I See Here

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The solution to lost keys, wallets, phones, bags and so on is here – the Nokia Locate Sensor, a technology Nokia showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. A product of the Nokia Research Center, it is a physical wireless location tag (pictured above) that can be attached to stuff such as your keys or wallet, and if you drop anything or it gets nicked from your pocket the accompanying Nokia Locate Sensor app (installed on the phone) points you in the direction of the item and even tells you how far away it is.

It will even automatically alert you in case you drop something and help you hone in on the object within a distance of up to 100 metres. It transmits a simple signal, and doesn’t use GPS, so it can be used inside and isn’t a battery killer. The battery powered tag runs for up to 18 months, but if the tag is made bigger it could accommodate a bigger battery and longer life, and similarly vice versa. It can even act as security key for your handset, as you can set it to enable/disables the handset whenever it leaves/enters your close vicinity.

This is one of those I wish my phone would do kind of an add on, at least I always my phone to tell me where I have left my wallet in the house or my keys even though I know it can’t. But soon it would be able to.

Sadly, the product is currently a proto and there is no news about its commercial availiability till now. If Nokia can price this reasonably or may be bundle a piece or two with a high end handset, I’m sure they’ll have people hooked. What do you think?

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  1. I just love the idea.. it’s very similar to what we discussed in Helsinki and Geolocation in micro lever! Very excited to see this happening!

  2. The problem is, the thing my son misplaces most often is his phone 🙂 And, yes, he usually leaves the ringer on silent.

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