Nokia Software Update Site Revamped – For The Better

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Anuj‘s just tipped me off saying that the layout of the Nokia Software Update site had been completely revamped. On visiting the site I was actually pleasantly surprised. Unlike the confusing setup earlier, a visitor is now greeted with the above screen and the option to select his own device from the thumbnails below or by selecting from the text based links. The list is neatly organised on the basis of series – one for Nseries, one for the Eseries and so on. Elegant and definitely a step in the right direction. Earlier, most of the people I know had problems understanding the whole concept by themselves and would come away without updating, this simple interface should make things better.

NSU - Share on Ovi

Clicking on the phone takes you to the above screen where the major advantages of the new firmware are listed along with the date it came out on. I would ideally like an option to view the complete changelog at the Nokia website itself. Below this are instructions on how to update, in case of FP2 devices – the OTA method is also mentioned.

While this is a move in the right direction, I hope Nokia updates this site often. Even now the firmware listing for the E71 is still the old one and such a thing might confuse the user no end. I am glad to see Nokia push information about new firmwares through different mediums such as My Nokia and realise that it a thing to brag about rather than being an admission of a mistake.

One reason that I buy Nokia about worrying too much is that I’m confident that even if what I buy is buggy right now, Nokia will fix soon via a new FW, a confidence some of the other manufacturers can’t give to people. Cash in Nokia.

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  1. Hi Vaibhav,

    I am having problems updating my e71 on vista. After the download happens, vista keeps searching for nokia usb rom driver but does not find it. Nsu keeps waiting to sense the phone and vista cannot find driver. Well dead end for me then. Luckily after 4 minutes or so my phone restarted and was alive.

    Any pointers how to resolve it ?



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  4. my cell is nokia it the sent items get stored in inbox as well as in sent items,and 1 msg sent by a freind of mine comes 20times to needs a new software.plz help.

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