Currently Donationware: MobiTubia For The N96 Is Here


Sittiphol Phanvilai’s MobiTubia, probably the best full-function YouTube application has been updated to v1.85 Build 1 Beta. With the update comes compatibility with the Nokia N96 and this should also mean that the application has become compatible with other FP2 devices like the N85.

The application also serves as a very capable .FLV file player that allows for controls such as rewind, fast forward and so on that the inbuilt flash player cannot provide. With the latest version, the resolution limitations while playing FLV is history but hi-res files may cause a little lag, as expected. The update also ushers in faster audio decoding along with reduced memory consumption.

So if you a keen on getting hold of the application, visit this page and donate. The donation will entitle you to a copy of Mobitubia and subsequent non public releases.

via: GerryMoth