How To: Change Fonts On The 5800

How To: Change Fonts On The 5800 & Other S60 DevicesThere are times when a person gets tired of the way his/her phone’s UI looks, on most occasions the simple task of changing the theme acts as a refreshment, but those of you who seek more – read on. Changing fonts on the 5800 is a simple matter of copying a folder across and restarting the phone, the process takes under 2 minutes and should you want to go back to the original fonts, that takes even lesser time.

Below are a few demos of different fonts on the 5800, there is a download link at the bottom of each set should you decide to try the font on your own device. Click on the screenshots to enlarge.


  • Connect the phone in the ‘Mass Storage’ profile to the computer. Alternatively, you can use the memory card reader.
  • Goto the Memory Card, it shows up as a Removable Disk in ‘My Computer’. (Windows)
  • Navigate to the ‘resource’ folder and open it.
  • Copy the ‘Fonts’ folder into in. (Download links to Sample folders below)
  • Eject the device and restart.
  • You should see the new fonts applied.





  • Make 4 copies of the font you desire to use and place them in a folder labeled ‘Fonts’.
  • Name them exactly as:

– s60snr.ttf
– s60ssb.ttf
– s60tsb.ttf
– S60ZDIGI.ttf

  • Copy this folder to the ‘resource’ directory on the memory card and restart the device.


  • Connect the phone in the ‘Mass Storage’ profile to the computer. Alternatively, you can use the memory card reader.
  • Goto the Memory Card, it shows up as a Removable Disk in ‘My Computer’. (Windows)
  • Navigate to the ‘resource’ folder and open it.
  • Delete the folder labeled ‘Fonts’. Alternatively you can choose to rename it to ‘Fonts2’ or anything that you like.
  • Restart the phone, the originals should have been restored.

In case something goes wrong e.g. the characters are not displayed and so on, simply turn off the device, remove the microSD and start the phone. (You can delete the Fonts folder subsequently) Since we are using the removable microSD to experiment this process cannot damage your phone. Also, while choosing a font do keep in mind the fact that it will affect the font of the Web Browser also, so please keep something readable. E.g. The second font in the above list, looks ‘cool’ but will make web browsing a pain.


Fonts via SF and My-Symbian

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  2. hi guys..
    u can change the fonts by enabling it on tapping the font which u hav installed n restart the phone.. i did it n i got different fonts
    if diss useful to u guys m glad….
    thnk u

  3. at first time trial, it works to me. you first UNZIP the downloaded files tru WINRAR then just copy paste the folder FONTS to RESOURCES and youll be fine!!! πŸ™‚ thanks so much admin.

  4. wow vaibav sharma….. awesome work….. thanks a lot… my phone looks realy gr8……cheers mate))))))

  5. i did it and it worked its amaazing

    but,,, i lost my other languages,,, it just doesn’t appear,,, any suggestions? πŸ™


  7. OK IT WORKS NOW…FOR NOKIA LATEST VERSION (V50 – V52) U SHOULD USE THE DIFFERENT NAME..THIS IS – s60sc_c / s60tchk / s60zdigi…i’ve done and now im using MONOTYPE CORSIVA font…u can using any font u want on windows pc…thx

  8. hello matt! i also have the latest firmware for n5800, i did like what the original post instructed me to but it didn’t work, i did what you recommended but still didnt work, the Resource folder can be created via computer but it wont install on my phone. how so? please help =]

  9. goooood day sir…my nokia 5800 is restarting on it own..when i open it it’ll automatically close on his own…does my nokia have problem? thanks sir

  10. This works brilliantly as long as you remember to extract the fonts folder from the zipped folder first. Many thanks Vaibhav!

  11. It won’t work in my Nokia5233. πŸ™

    It says:
    Unable to open. File not supported.

    I don’t know what to do and please, help me. πŸ™

  12. people, for those who weren’t successful, try removing the .ttf that’s what I did and it worked. like magic πŸ™‚

  13. let me tell you how i done it,

    first i remove my memory card from my phone.
    then i connect my card to my pc with card reader
    then go to folder options of my computer and apply show all hidden ,system, folders and file.
    then i access my card and find resource’ folder and open it.
    then i creat font folder there and copy all 4 font files (only one copy) there.
    then i remove my card .
    insert my card to my phone5800xm and switch it on .
    and my phone start,s with new style of font..
    so easy and nice
    thankyou friend for ur this upload….

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