HD capture @ 720p + S60 5th Edition – Samsung Acme i8910

Delicious. Samsung is fast emerging as the main competitor for Nokia in the S60 space, it is actually not merely competing but setting the bar pretty high if the leaked Samsung Acme i8910 is anything to go by. Not only did Samsung beat Nokia in the race to the 8MP camera, it also seems all set to trump it in getting the first HD video recording capable handset to the market.

The Samsung Acme i8910 will also be the third S60 touch handset after the Nokia 5800 and the N97. It is clearly focused on Imaging and also packs a HDMI out slot. Eldar from Mobile-Review had an opportunity to try the HD video capture on the device and reports that the phone dies in a mere 40 minutes with HD recording in play, although that might/probably will change by the time the device gets to the market.

Here are a few other major specs of the upcoming Samsung:

  • A wide touchscreen display – Exact resolution uncertain
  • GPS
  • 8MP camera with a single LED flash and HD video recording
  • DivX support
  • A 3.5mm jack

With the Mobile World Congress just around the corner we can also expect to be surprised by the Finish giant, for all we know Nokia’s Imaging flagship might also be on its way. What eventually happens – we’ll know in 9 days.

For more images head over to Daily Mobile.

5 thoughts on “HD capture @ 720p + S60 5th Edition – Samsung Acme i8910”

  1. Nokia appear to be pushing the slide out keyboard and Ovi services, so does Samsung. But the question is: what are consumers looking for right now?
    We’re not talking about a device to be launched in 2 years, so we must think about what consumers want now, and I think that Samgung devices can do very well all the multimedia stuff that a Nokia devices does, but I think people’s main worries when buying a new mobile phone is the camera quality, and in this area Samsung is way far better than any other.

    I speak for myself, I own a Nseries and the camera quality is miserable; when I have a Samsung device in my hands I can take awesome quality pictures, and if I want to get access to my e-mail or web it works perfectly too, so.. Which Nokia device has to offer better than this Samsung device, for example? I guess nothing.. Plus, don’t forget that this is a S60 device, like any other Nokia smartphone.

    Finally, I allways see people comparing Nokia devices to iPhone or Blackberry, maybe you should start remembering that Samgung exists and it is already the #2 on the mobile phones market.

  2. Fair point. Although Samsung and Nokia are trying to win customers over in two diffirent ways. Nokia wants to give them an ecosystem with Ovi and a complete experience, Samsung on the other hand is focusing on aspects that have some degree of flaunt value, something that will become a selling point faster.

    In my opinion, the path Nokia’s taking is a little slower, but which will help them in the long run.

  3. Competition among mobile manufacturers particularly for Symbian S60 is definitely very very good for us consumer. Meaning more more choices that makes us empowered to select what best for us. In my case, I end up choosing nokia 5800 because most of the features in high end phone are present at the same much cheaper than high end smartphones like iphone, samsung omnia, etc. Most of all competition is very good.

  4. I bought the i8910 on Orange last months. It pretty much does everything I want. The camera and video are prefectly acceptable for everyday use and browsing on the large touch screen is a good experience, although I did end up installing Opera as it’s quicker. Much of my use is for handheld navigation using Viewranger Maps. My only slight niggle is the lack of apps when compared to Nokia – but I hope Samsung continue to develop their apps store, and stick some more free apps on there.

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