Lost Her…

26/10/2008 - Share on OviAs part of the N96 Challenge, I had asked all of you to send in your thoughts/reviews/opinions on anything mobile and we here we have someone who has made excellent use of the interpretation of the words – ‘anything mobile’.

Kevin Samuel Paul presents – Lost Her..

She was gone.. All the time she was with me I never let go of her.. But they said love is like a butterfly, hold it too tight and it will crush.. hold it too loose and it will fly away.. That’s what happened.. I held her loosely for a moment and she was no more near me.. I feel so empty without her.. Like, I am isolated from the world.. I never let her alone unless I really had to.. Now, I look at my hand and its empty.. The hand which held her for 2 years.. These 2 years we were there for each other always.. She helped me in more than a few exams to which I hardly learnt a single word and yet scored above average.. And I made sure she was her normal self whenever she had trouble.. Her songs were my sole company in the 4 hour college journey to and fro.. She was a total entertainer.. We had loads of fun racing together.. My friends were real jealous on seeing that she was with me.. Maybe it was their jealousy which separated her from me..

I just want to be left alone. If only I hadn’t lost her. She was my everything. Without her, it feels so void, like the whole world has been separated from me. I loved her so much. If I ever find the guy who stole her from me, I would make sure that he regrets it for a very long time. What am I gonna do now? I don’t feel ready to move on. I can’t forget her. I was so perfect for her.. Though she is in the hands of another man now, I still love her..

Wish I hadn’t lost you.. my N70!

There you go folks. If you feel like sending something in for a chance to trial the Nokia N96, there is still time!

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  1. hey, i was gonna ask about this.. act. i already did in another post.. πŸ˜€

    When will we know tat u hve won? (Yeah! I am sure u will win with all the efforts you have made πŸ™‚ )

    Good Luck!!

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