Nokia’s App Store Is Coming At The MWC 09

This year’s Mobile World Congress is really going to be something! There’s anticipation regarding what Nokia has up its sleeve in the Nseries imaging department, E75 awaits confirmation, Samsung’s S60 5th Edition devices becon and who knows what else would we be seeing in 9 days from now.

Nokia's App Store Is Coming At The MWC

Eldar Murtazin has let the cat out of the bag as far a one HUGE and MUCH AWAITED announcement goes – Nokia’s very own APP STORE. According to him:

At first glance, for now, the app portal looks so so, there is some confusion. But they are trying, polishing it and a lot has changed for the better in a matter of days. A right step in a right direction… And the distribution and revenue sharing model between app makers and Nokia looks very attractive.

Apple has it, even Samsung has now got one and it really makes sense for the No. 1 smartphone manufacturer to have one. Nokia has had Download! on its handsets for ages now yet its continued to be an opportunity lost, lets hope they can finally get their act together this time around.

via: Unwired View