New Nokia 5800 Firmware v20.0.012 Out – User Generated ChangeLog Inside

Minor Firmware Update For The 5800 Xpress Music - v11.0.009Nokia has rolled out a major update for the Nokia 5800 Xpress Music in the form of v.20.0.012 which is available OTA as well as via the NSU (Nokia Software Updater).  The new firmware brings improvements to the camera, speed, gallery;  it also brings back inbuilt geo-tagging for photos and videos, introduces the Dictionary application amongst a load of other bug fixes.

The 5800 supports user data preservation, so the update shouldn’t be too much of a pain. Lastly, the new  ‘HelloOX hack’ still works if that’s something that concerns you.

  • Faster operation, speed improvements for Java apps as well.
  • Geo-Tagging support for both camera and the video recorder.
  • HelloOx hack still works.
  • Gallery loads much faster.
  • Improvements to the camera.
  • New music and download icons
  • Better touch sensitivity.
  • Flash applications now have a D-pad, like the java ones.
  • Improvements to Mass Storage profile stability.
  • 3 new application have been added.  “app.update” (in the application menu), “Dictionary” and Search (for files and media in storage and web).
  • Better bass reproduction.
  • Ability to edit the Artist, Album, Genre etc in the Music Player.
  • Zoom, Full Screen and Pan options for Flash video.
  • Much faster screen rotation.
  • Voice recorded files now show up in the Sounds folder in the Gallery.

via: Daily Mobile

31 thoughts on “New Nokia 5800 Firmware v20.0.012 Out – User Generated ChangeLog Inside”

  1. OTA Firmware update still not showing up for me…Tried yesterday for as well via NSU but no luck..will try NSU for v20 now..

  2. Ok,updated but one problem. Whenever i select the search option, i get the system error!

    Otherwise finally got to use the secondary cam!!

  3. I’ve heard rumors that Nokia pulled the plug on the update, is it true? The reason is supposed to be the error Weed mentioned (Search option = system error).

  4. I stay in India and I tried using OTA as well as NSU. It says either carrier or service provider is not allowing for an update and hence we can’t update my phone.

    Why is it so?

  5. hi,don’t bother about new firmware v.20 my friends.please check news section under software updater from nokia respective regions you will get news about latest happening.for Indian 5800 holder we have to wait for v20 announcement from nokia.hopefully all my words help you.

  6. ^^ the announcement section in nokia India is waste of space. it is not updated that often. some updates are not mentioned even though they are available in India. it only shows those update for firmwares which have different versions for different regions(it is possible)

  7. hey guys got 2 kno tht nokia has removed v20 frm NSU as it stil contains some bugs .. it vil b bck in march …

  8. Hi Everybody! Just to let you folks know that firmware v.20 is now avaible thru the NSU for the 5800 APAC. I updated mine yesterday and i live in sri lanka. Happy updating everyone….!!!!!

  9. I have updated it, but, I do not find any such as dictionary in application. Unfortunately, I have a problem with ‘search” menu(search internet and my contents)in main page. It always says “system error”.


  10. Addressing a couple of issues raised here that may help a little.

    The OTA in-built update system on the Nokia 5800 doesn’t appear to work, I even asked Nokia when I first had problems with it and they confirmed it didn’t work. I’ve updated the firmware on mine twice now and on both occasions the OTA told me there were no updates. Using the Nokia Updater software it correctly identified that there were updates and installed them. Whether this is fixed in V.20, we will have to see when the next update comes out.

    A couple of people said that the search function returns an error. Mine did that also upon installation of the V.20 firmware update. There is a simple solution, a ‘hard’ reset by keying in *#7370# with the passcode being the default 12345. After this the search function worked fine. A word of warning before undertaking this. It will reset the phone completely and anything saved on the phone’s internal memory, (not the memory card) will be deleted which will include all contacts, calendars, sms and applications that are installed there. BACK THESE UP FIRST!

  11. There was a miracle.

    Guys, after I updated my Nokia 5800 firmware, the ‘search menu’ in main page is always error and I did not find ‘dictionary’ application. A week later I downloaded and installed some games and themes. Adakadabra, suddenly ‘search menu’ in main page is working well and the dictionary application is there (in application folder). What a surprise. How does it happen, I am blank. GBU all!

  12. After I updated my Nokia 5800 firmware from 11.0.009 to 20.0.012 via Nokia Software Updater (NSU) this morning, I noticed the ‘Search’ at the home screen will always displaying “System Error” and I couldn’t find the ‘Dictionary’ application.

    Luckily, I managed to correct these errors by installing Nokia Photo Browser (which is now available in beta version from Nokia Beta Labs website). After I have installed this application, the Search and Dictionary is now working very well.

    You can contact me via my email: acapawn7[at]gmail[dot]com

  13. What I meant in my previous post is, the “System error” and the missing ‘Dictionary’ can be fixed by installing any application in your handphone.. Cheers 😀

  14. this is so confusing!!
    in Hong Kong and cannot get update via NSU or OTA…
    anyone know how to solve it, some people say “debranding” helps but i guess its sorta risky…

  15. Hi

    I updated my phone last night and it has worked and is working fine, however, the centre white button keeps flashing as if I have a messsage or something. I have been right through my menu, messages etc and cannot see anything pending.

    Can anyone help?

    Please, its annoying me lol

  16. I have tried to update my nokia 5800xm by OTA ..but my operator not allowed to update. and tried update v40 via NSU its stopped at 20%. i can not update my phone.. what can i do now…
    im from sri lanka

  17. In India, you dont get the updates on NSU or OTA. You need to go to Nokia Care. I went there to get it updated from 30 to 40 and now I’ll soon go again for 20

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