Nokia E55 – The Thinnest Nokia Smartphone (Pictures & Specs Inside)

Nokia E55Surprise. Nokia’s just announced the Nokia E55, the thinnest smartphone that comes a month of standby time. The device features a half QWERTY keyboard and will ship around 265 Euros before taxes or subsidies.

Sporting a compact QWERTY keyboard, the Nokia E55 includes a predictive engine that’ll suggest word completions, error completions and automatically learns new words. It also boasts full access to Email, Calendar and Contacts through direct access to Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes. Sound quality is also enhanced over previous Eseries devices with new noise cancellation technology. As if that wasn’t enough, the Nokia E55 offers almost one month of standby time.

The Nokia E55’s new compact QWERTY keyboard comes with a host of added technology to make it easier and faster to use than a normal phone keypad, making it the ideal messaging companion. Boasting the latest version of the Nokia Email client, the Nokia E55’s 2.4-inch screen will make the most of the enhanced Email functionality (the screen also has automatic landscape support). And, with direct access to Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes, users will be able to make the most of their contacts and calendars too, with improved company name search and the ability to remotely access company directories. The E55 will also enable users to create and receive meeting requests.

Destined to make a big impression, the E55 punches well above its weight, given its diminutive size – it’s just 9.9mm thin!

It isn’t just about work on the Nokia E55 though. Full integration with Ovi services mean users will be able to make the most out of Ovi Maps with A-GPS on board and for a bit of diversion, the E55 also has N-Gage on board.

Over 10 million Eseries devices sold last year, driven largely by the E55’s inspiration, the Nokia E71. The E55 will begin shipping in the second quarter of 2009 with an estimated retail price of €265 before taxes and subsidies.


Nokia E55 Nokia E55

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  1. .) why is it that nokia e55 has 60mb internal memory while the nokia e51 has it bigger 130mb?
    2.) why did they made the nokia e55’s internal memory capacity more than half smaller than e51?
    3.) what is/are the advantages and disadvantages of these different memory capacities?
    4.) what if i have many softwares? where should i install it so it will still run fast?
    5.) will that 60mb internal memory decrease/affected still if i install in the external memory many softwares as much as i like?
    6.) what is NAND/RAM for?

    i hope to get answers soon. thanks!

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