The Nokia N86 Will Have A Dual LED Flash

I was really looking forward to the N86 announcement tomorrow, but I’ve just come across this picture of the N86’s camera. Yes, our worst fears have indeed come true. That’s a dual-LED flash and NOT Xenon.

After taking so very long to release a N82 successor, I simply can’t understand why Nokia chose to skip the Xenon once more? I am distraught.

Someone please tell me that the picture above is lying. Below is the N82 with its Xenon.

The Camera

Go compare!

9 thoughts on “The Nokia N86 Will Have A Dual LED Flash”

  1. Sure. But my point is till when will Nokia keep using that excuse? N96, N85, N79 and so on. If they are going to make a Imaging flagship, it better have Xenon.

    If they fit it in the N82 over an year ago, surely they could have managed to do it now, albeit in a different form factor.

    That being said, I will approach the new 3rd Generation dualLED, capable of a distance upto 3.5m with an open mind.

  2. I don`t think Nokia thinks like they have a open mind.I think they should try a dual sim also.What do you think..?

  3. Ok… I saw the N82 manual and it shows that after using the flash for a long time it requires charging. So I think its not practical to use xenon flash. Why choose a flash that after taking lots of pic wif flash and then requires charging when the dual LED flash is not that bad in the dark and can also be on during video mode…

    Correct me if I’m wrong …

  4. Sorry for my bad english…

    I have found, comparing the N82 to N95 the Xenon flash is not only effective for a good light. Take a photo with an N95 to a person in motion and leaves all faded, as if it were taken to one of the protagonists of the film “The ring”. With the N82 comes out picture perfect, as if he were still, only if you´re using the flash to take that picture.

    About the battery I am not complaining with my N82 in a single day i take it up to 100 photos, apart from listening to music, sending sms. Taking videos with the N82 it is not suitable because you spend a lot of battery.

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