Technical Specs Of The N86, E55, E75 & Other Handsets Announced At The MWC

The Mobile World Congress saw Nokia release not two, not four by five new S60 devices. We have all seen pictures, videos and basic specifications of the N86, E55, E75, 6710 Navigator and the 6720 Classic but the real geeks and S60 enthusiasts are always interested in the insides of the device, what processor the phone runs, supported Bluetooth profiles and so on.

For those of you Forum Nokia has published the technical specifications of all the above mentioned devices. The interesting thing to note here is that Nokia has slowly moved away from the standard 369MHz processors to the 600 MHZ ones on the E55, 6710 and 6720 with the exception of the E75 which still runs on 369MHz.


via: AAS

3 thoughts on “Technical Specs Of The N86, E55, E75 & Other Handsets Announced At The MWC”

  1. Not of all there the device i like the most is the E55
    i think it is going to be a hot seller
    the design from nokia is awesome something that should make the phone a hit

  2. Coming to the E75 i think Nokia are a bit to late on this device
    its specs are also not that great.
    A normal screen a basic camera make this device a no no from me

  3. I think Nokia is late as well, they should try to do something different, something new or maybe even try something that others didn`t.
    E55 just looks too…common.

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