Mobitol: How To Copy Text From The S60 Browser

We have waited and we have waited, yet despite there even being a touch S60 handset, there has been no method to copy text from webpages in the S60 browser. There have been workarounds but even they have been hardly successful.

Mobitol: How To Copy Text From The S60 Browser

However, the solution I have just hit upon holds promise. On a previous post of mine about copying text from the S60 browser, Cousin Issac has written about a website called Mobitol he has made that pops the entire text of the entire webpage into a text box from which text can be easily copy using the default S60 method.

Mobitol: How To Copy Text From The S60 Browser

All you need to do is visit Mobitol, enter the URL of the page you want the text from and select go. The entire text on that webpage will be put into a text box, like the one pictured above. Next simply scroll to the text you want and copy it. The website also has an option to display the source code of the webpage, another thing the default S60 browser is incapable of. There is even an option to open the text box in a new window.

TIP: Save the webpage that you want text from as a bookmark. From the options to edit the bookmark copy the URL and paste it on Mobitol for quick navigation.

The website is still in beta and therefore at times a bit of the source code is also put into the text box along with the text, fortunately the developer is aware of this bug and is working on it. He also has a few other FAQ’s on the same page if you hit a roadblock.

6 thoughts on “Mobitol: How To Copy Text From The S60 Browser”

  1. Well it still remains tedious…
    Imagine a page with a lot of text. Its going to be impossible to find the text that one needs.

    But its still a solution and a better one than earlier ones.

    Hope something much better is on the way!

  2. Hey it really works tried it on opera mini and the default browser on the n95

    my second comment on your chance to win n96 was made from opera mini by using this method and copying the text and to my amazement all the text was instantaneously retrieved and also anothe amazing ting was that the phone showe all the 17000 plus characters

    great info now copy paste from mobile on web made much simpler

  3. Hey thanks for the write-up! Well, hopefully mobitol will do the trick for now, until there is a firmware update that solves the issue. I just wish I had thought of this 2 years ago when I first got my phone. Ok, now to download Opera mini and give it a whirl….

    thanks again,

    cousin isaac

  4. This is very useful. Thanks for the tutorial. I still wish they’d introduce a native way to do that. It can’t be that hard to implement 🙁

  5. This method does not work with web pages where you need to log in first. Is there any workaround for those?

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