Want Free S60 Swag? Become A S60 Ambassador

Apologies if the title of this post sounded like an advertisement, it is  not! I have been keeping pretty busy these last few days and because of that I couldn’t inform you in time about the latest S60 Ambassador campaign called N-Gage: Level 2.

Want Free S60 Swag? Become A S60 Ambassador

Sadly the maximum number of slots for the campaign are already filled and no more people can join, but that’s not why I am writing this post. I am writing this to urge the ones who are not yet ambassadors to join the WOM program.

Why am I asking you to do so?

For the simple reason that I want to see more and more people know what S60 is all about and the amount of stuff they can do with their phones. Phrases like Symbian and S60 shouldn’t just be reserved for geeks and a normob should know that his phone runs an OS and that chances are that it is S60. Plus for doing this you get cool S60 swag and even free N-Gage games in certain campaigns, amongst other things. For example Clinton Jeff received:

  • 1x Evening with S60 T-Shirt
  • 1x Portable Screen Cleaner
  • 1x S60 branded Pen
  • 6x S60 Laptop stickers
  • 2x S60 branded Notepads
  • 1x 4 Port USB
  • 1x Wallet card-sized USB Memory Card
  • 1x Dirk Dagger And The Poochie Predicament Comic

Just for joining in. I’m sure you can get lucky too! I know I REALLY want all that swag! The credit card size USB drive is really handy.

The thing about being an S60 Ambassador is that for all these cool rewards you actually need to do almost nothing that you usually won’t. All you have to do is have a chat with friends, family, strangers, whoever about S60 and/or a specific aspect depending on the campaign. Just make sure you mention that you are an S60 Ambassador. Next, simply write a quick report on what was said, positive or negative. It doesn’t have to be long and detailed  or follow a fixed format, it should just convey the point. That’s it, register now if you already haven’t.

Image by Clinton

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