Nokia Has Just Impressed Me Big Time

Five minutes back I received a call from a Nokia representative, she wanted to know if it was a good time to talk. Luckily I wasn’t in class and could talk. She said she was calling in regard to my recently purchased Nokia 5800 Xpress Music device. She wanted to know if I was facing any problems with the device?

Nokia Has Just Impressed Me Big Time

Since I have one of the first few batches of the device, I have faulty earpiece, a problem Nokia has acknowledged themselves. So I told her about the issue and the general lack of volume from the earpiece. Next, she said that Nokia was aware of the problem and would like to help get it fixed pronto. Her next question was whether I was okay with a Nokia Service center nearby to my place getting in touch with me in order to fix the earpiece. She also said they would try and get the job done as soon as possible.


Something like this goes a long way in enhancing customer satisfaction, at least in my book. Everyone can make a mistake but acknowledging it and trying to make sure that customers get the fix too is commendable. Has any one of you go such a call?

Or is it only a Nokia India thing considering the huge sales the device has enjoyed here? Whatever it may be, the bad press has surely got Nokia on its feet!

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  1. One possible way is My Nokia, which has your contact information. As far as customer service goes, we all have had our experiences, but this is certainly turning a new leaf.

  2. Nice service there from Nokia. I presume though, you are listed as a commercial – not consumer – customer with Nokia? I can’t imagine they’re putting up such an effort for all their customers – or are they?

  3. if anyone would be getting such calls from nokia it has to be wellknow blogers and reviewrs like you so you can praise them remember it was eldar from mobile-review that told the world about this, otherwise nokia wouldnt be in this situation , without admitting the fault and quitly repairg the handsets and getting away with it

    now after they have fcuked up big time its just a damage limitation exercise from nokia ropping up wellknown sites to save their face.
    you may be getting priory on nokia care centers but ask us, the general public how are we treated there (believe me i have gone through the ordeal myself) and these nokia care arent even nokia owned but are outsourced to hcl

    nokia is always in a hurry to launch new models to stay ahead and remain industry innovators and in this hurry they are not able to test their devices, the 5800 earpiece problem emerges within 2-3 months (acc to eldar)which means nokia didnt even test it for 2-3 months and thats for a device that is very important to them(acc to nokia pr)they just launch new products in the public that are bought (at skyhigh prices mind you)by the public and tested by the public
    let alone hw ,none of the sw/fmware of nokia are perfect at launch(n79 and 5800 without geotagging and front cam support) are latest eg.

  4. I have to agree with gaurav46’s comments somewhat… My recent experience with Nokia’s service leaves a lot to be desired. My less than 6 month old E71 experienced keyboard problems one day so I went to their service center to have it diagnosed and repaired. It took them around two weeks to repair it which I believe they should’ve replaced it outright or at the very least gave me a service unit and not let me wait that long. For a phone that I paid full price and it being touted as a business phone, I was very disappointed and angry when they told me that I had no choice or recourse but to wait. Good thing I still had my old Treo on the interim to tide me over. fortunately I got my E71 back and it seems to to be working OK now. But sad to say, I would probably think twice before buying another Nokia phone in the future.

  5. Nokia service simply sucked, atleast that is what i experienced with my E71!! It took them 3 months and 3 replacements to get the job done! new handset had memory card problem,then it was replaced with another one,that had keyboard problem, usb problem,reception problem and again it was replaced which had camera problem! and to top it all, they replace your brand new handset with a refurbished handset! thts pure cheating..! simply harassing experience!

  6. I bought a Nokia N96 in New York and received a similar call after few weeks.
    My experience with Nokia service has beeb mixed so far. recently it has been awesome, they even replaced my N95 on the spot while it was in warranty. But previously i have sent devices for repair which have come back without any fixes.

  7. @All Like I said we all have had our experiences:

    I don’t think I need to say more. All I am saying is we have got to cut them some slack when they try and make amends.

    Also, I specifically asked the lady if she was going to call other 5800 owners and she said yes. But I must also point out that there has been no follow up so far.

  8. You got a call because your blog is very famous and it is convenient you to be well traten by them.
    …Or do you think we all get a call from Nokia? lol…

  9. the initiative good but u can say its more sought of damage control

    nokia’s build quality is certainly on decline

    lets see if the coming devices can save their grace

    a n96 is waiting a display replacement from 2 months still the nokia care give the crappy old answer please call next weak, we havnt got the display yet

    come on nokia

    wake up and value your customers

  10. I did get an sms asking me the same thing..I think this is in the UK only. I didn’t bother to reply back so that they’d call me..was in class…

  11. nokia handset are pretty user friendly but in case you are facing any problem with the handset and due to this you have to give to the Nokia Care then …….you would start hating there post sales service bcoz there post sale service really suck. I gave them my mobile for camera repair and just imagine i got it after “FOUR MONTHS” yes after 4 months..they dint even gave me any reserve handset for frst 3 months.

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