Kinetic Scrolling Will Make A Huge Impact On The N97’s Browsing Capabilities

One of the things that I would really have liked to see on the Nokia 5800 was Flick/Kinetic Scrolling, despite the presence of a stylus and functionality like tap to zoom and tap for a page overview, surfing large webpages on a touch based device can become somewhat of a chore.

Vis-à-vis the the 5800, I had better expectations from the N97’s browser for the simple reason that the slideout keyboard brought much better data entry support and even a D pad for scrolling. The following video from AAS brings a pleasant surprise that the Nokia N97 will also feature Kinetic Scrolling, one more reason to look forward to the N97! I hope they give the 5800 this upgrade via a firmware update as well.

The video also demonstrates the widgets that were talked about at Nokia World, specifically the Facebook variant while looks amazingly complete. It features the ability to upload pictures from the device or even the camera if required.

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    Would pls take up the issue of erratic behavior of bluetooth connectivity between E71 & BT headsetS … there had been numerous posts on the nokia website discussion board … Nokia doesn’t seem to bothered abt this issue @ all as there had been no acknowledgements or attempts to resolving this glitch by Nokia.

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