The Nokia E71 Hits v. 210.21.006 – Available In India

Nokia has just rolled out a 107.4 MB firmware update for the E71. Version  210.21.006 brings minor bug fixes and doesn’t seem to bring any substantial changes. The update is available via the NSU across Asia and Europe.

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The usual caveats about backing up your data etc apply, remember the E71 doesn’t have user data preservation unlike the newer FP2 devices. I’m also glad to confirm that the update is available in India as well (Thanks Faridur!).

10 thoughts on “The Nokia E71 Hits v. 210.21.006 – Available In India”

  1. You are welcome.

    The changes I could notice in a few hours of using it:

    1. UI is more responsive
    2. Camera output in dark conditions is better (Am yet to try it in normal sunlight)

    More will follow as I start using it.

  2. Hi…

    Good work with the site. Keep it up. I wish to share my woes after updating.

    I updated My e71 from to 200.21.118. I noticed the auto focus stopped responding. I then noticed that the update to 210.21.006 did not fix the same. I have never dropped my phone nor damaged it in any way and it is 4 months old.

    The camera is working fine and the T button is responding well. But i just cannot get the phone to focus.

    Could you please Take note of this and inform me if the auto focus is working. That would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,


  3. My E 71 can not start after I update to a Version: 210.21.006. After the update was complete, the phone is dead.

  4. i have updated my E71 its really nice but i start facing problem regarding Front cam. its not working. please help me.

  5. After update my E71 is working max 2 days, while on the old firmware it was working 5-7 days without charging…

    Anyone have the same problem?

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