And I’m Back!

First up, apologies for vanishing for almost a month without any notice whatsoever. The thing was that I was travelling across the United States and England these last few weeks, partly on work but mostly on a holiday. During this break I had vowed not to be online at all apart from letting my friends know about my whereabouts via a few Facebook status updates and sadly before leaving I forgot to inform you dear readers of my plans.

In this visit I had hoped to meet a lot of you, people who I have become friends with in the course of writing this blog, but sadly due to my schedule that also couldn’t be done. May be some other time. But the important things now is that:

And I'm Back!

fresher and raring to get back into full swing. I’d like to thank all of you for your patience and specially those who wrote in to urge me to get back sooner and enquire if everything was well. This blog will be two years old in May this year and I will try and work tirelessly to take it to greater heights.

Thanks once again for your support!

7 thoughts on “And I’m Back!”

  1. wow, that sure took awhile bro!
    no wonder there’s no new updates every time i check this blog..
    o well, good to have you back~! =D

  2. Thank god we thot u were dead…. Hheheheh jus kiddin man… Pls put new stuff … can’t wait to check it out..!!


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