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Google Maps Adds Driving Directions In India

By - On 23 April 2009 1 Comment

As we continue to wait for Nokia to extend the map coverage to more than just a few cities in India, Google Maps has taken the lead and introduced Driving Directions in India. The slight negative about Google Maps is that it doesn’t provide voice guided assistance but the fact that it boasts of maps for almost the entire nation makes up for this fact. Also, Google Maps is free – you just pay for data connection.

I don’t know if you had noticed this feature addition for the India region earlier, but it seems to works pretty well even if you do not provide the exact addresses for the locations you want to go to. Have a look at the following screenshots for a small overview of the functionality.

Google Maps - Navigation In India
Google Maps - Navigation In India
Google Maps - Navigation In India
Google Maps - Navigation In India
Google Maps - Navigation In India

Happy Navigation!

On a side note, Google Maps has been updated to which fixes a few bugs like not holding an access point. Grab the latest release here.

Thank you Anuj for the tip!

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