Nokia Ireland Intros ‘Nokia Superfans’

Nokia Ireland has started an interesting new promotion called ‘Nokia Superfans‘, a competition centered around the Nokia 5800 Xpress Music. What you have to do in order to win isn’t quite clear at the moment, but the webpage promises an email containing the first mission, should you choose to accept!

Nokia Superfans

Have you and your friends got the power it takes to become Nokia Superfans?

We’re not looking for someone with a weird costume, superhuman strength or a Bat Cave. We’re looking for a team that possesses extraordinary powers of … SPEED. If you’ve got what it takes, show us your ability by assembling your own Nokia Superfans team. The team that combines their power of speed in the quickest time WINS a seriously super chance to see some of the best music acts in the world. See, Music really does connect your world and your friendships with Nokia Superfans.

Once you fill in the details, you should see this message. There is nothing that states that the contest is Ireland only, so here’s hoping that the wait for that email doesn’t last forever!

via: CJ

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