The N97 (Proto) Has 50MB+ Free RAM On Bootup

Following on from yesterday’s post about the new home screen widgets on the N97, comes this screenshot which I’m sure will interest you all. There you have it, the N97 on Forum Nokia’s RDA which is a proto device running v10 firmware has 52MB+ free RAM on bootup.

N97 Free Ram On Bootup

The debate over whether its enough will continue, but I’d like to mention just one thing – this is slightly more than what we had on a production Nokia 5800. Since the above is from a proto N97, please take the figures with a pinch of salt. However, I’m hoping that things can only get better from here onwards.

Current Nokia N97 Firmware

There device on the RDA is running pretty current firmware. As you can see, v10 came out on the 30th of April.

10 thoughts on “The N97 (Proto) Has 50MB+ Free RAM On Bootup”

  1. If this is it then i hope the device will be pretty low on performance part…. Even nokia n95 8gb has about 90 mb free ram on boot up..which i think is large enough to run multiple applications…sometimes i’ve noticed that it’s ram falls to about 60mb with music player running while browsing…
    Hope it’s a rumor or the software is east enough to handle all of this.

  2. n96 owner, you need to load up the apps as shown by the screen shot to have a subjective comparison.

    i loaded up my n95 8gb with all the apps and have 69mb remaining. with that said, the n97 is lacking in the RAM department.

    We should have a petition to Nokia to increase the RAM before the release. I would sign it if there was one.

  3. ..but what is that 57.5 M,below cute blue icon,at memory details display,stands for? that N97 internal,C,memory?..isn’t it,then,tooo low,knowing that N97 should have 32 GB? this photo real and the N97 owner filled 32 Gb of C with music,movies,maps and billion things we usually put at E,card,oor a photo is just a joke?..57.5M,lol..of what?..what drive or memory,that blue icon stands for?..

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