New Nokia N85 Firmware v20.175 Now Available

Nokia has just rolled out a new firmware for the Nokia N85, one of the best handset in the Nseries lineup. The v20.175 firmware, up from v11, brings in bug fixes and improvements along with the standby email plugin to show your emails on the standby screen. Other additions include turning controls which now allows you to flip to silence incoming calls alarms, internet telephony set up and an email wizard to setup your Nokia Email or Nokia Messaging.

Details as to the actual changes are thin as of now, but you can go on to update without any fear as the device is still hackable, in case you care. The new firmware is available over-the-air (OTA) by simply pressing *#0000# from the standby screen and checking for updates. (Detailed guide on how to update OTA here). The phone features user data preservation (UDP) so your data should be fine even after the update, however a backup never hurts. The update should also be available via the windows only Nokia Software Updater.

7 thoughts on “New Nokia N85 Firmware v20.175 Now Available”

  1. Installed this firmware last night, and it has transformed the phone! I had to re-format the phone after the upgrade (really simple to do), so backed up my data using PC Suite, then upgraded, formatted, restored, job done!

    Phone runs quicker, boots quicker, responds to menu presses a lot faster, more apps appear in the download folders (i.e. there are a number of new Nokia-approved useful apps you can put on if you so desire)

    Also the problems Iwas getting with the music player hanging (when playing protected content) are fixed, and the messaging service doesn’t hang any more! Also emails appear on the home screen which is very good.

    There have to be many other fixes, but these are the ones I have picked up on so far. Good work Nokia!

  2. How the hell do you get the new option in V20.175 of showing caller’s name and number for incoming calls displayed.

    I’ve HARD reset my N85-1 and still impossible to get it to show both callers number and name for incoming calls..

    Help please.

  3. Hey I have the same problem of not getting the caller’s name and number display after upgrading my N85. Is there any solution for that or will I have to restore back to old version?

  4. ive got a nokia n85 that i bought from china. It has chinese software/firmware. Some applications on phone still have chinese writing.Can i change this to use in the UK or european software/firmware or can only nokia provider do this for me?

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