The N97 Is Close – As Close As June 5th

This is getting better by the day! First Nokia Conversations confirmed that the N97 would start shipping in June and now this. The N97 will be hitting Malaysia and Kuala Lumpur on the 5th of June according to this promotional picture.

The Nokia N97 Is Closer Than You Think!

The theme for the N97’s seems to be the hunt for the ‘N’. This also ties in with another promotional video that hit the web today. Makes you want the N97 even more.

I somehow still feel that the Nokia N97 will still hit India in July. Nokia please prove me wrong. For the rest of you elsewhere, keep an eye out for pre-orders.

4 thoughts on “The N97 Is Close – As Close As June 5th”

  1. and in july price will be 39999 with a free corded insane-harasser headset 😛

    after july .. price will fall and no insanity 😀

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