10 Things I Like About The Nokia E75

I have been using the Nokia E75 as my primary device for a few days now and before bringing you the full review, I want to share ten things that I instantly liked about the E75. I will be following this piece up with things that I do not like about the E75, so make sure you check back in for the complete picture.

10 Things I Like About The Nokia E75

  • Build Quality: The build quality on this thing is phenomenal. There are zero creaks, the slide is smooth, no play anywhere and the device just feels one solid monoblock. A person who’s new to the E75 won’t come to know that the QWERTY slides out as well, that solid.
  • 3.5mm Jack: This makes a huge difference in the music quality on the E75. It is now upto the mid range Nseries level. The radio features both the Visual Radio for FM and the Internet radio. The FM quality is way better, the E71 or the E90 even with the 2.5mm to 3.5mm adapter plugged in came no where close.
  • Camera: The camera software is now a copy of the one found in the Nseries and I’m glad Nokia have not held back features like Geo-Tagging and LED support for video just because this was an ‘Eseries’.
  • Email: The Nokia E75 incorporates the Nokia Messaging like layout within the messaging client and its setup is a breeze. The part I liked was that it handles Google Apps email accounts seamlessly as well. The one thing I’d like to get rid off are those transitions, it makes the client much slower or perhaps tries to hide its slowness.  Either way, this must be worked upon.
  • Keyboard: When I first saw the E75 I wasn’t too impressed with its flat keyboard, however after using it for a few days I like it. The feedback from a press of a key is definite and the speeds I can achieve are pretty reasonable as well. This is without much practice, with time I’m sure this will improve further.
  • Speed: To be honest, I’ve never really liked FP2 much just because I’ve always felt that it was much slower as compared to its predecessor. The FP2 on this Eseries doesn’t seem to suffer from this and I have found the E75 to be pretty snappy, not E71 fast but fast enough for the other FP2 benefits to weigh in.
  • MicroSD & MicroUSB Flaps: The flaps on the microSD and USB slots now have a special opening on their sides for the fingernail so that they can be opened easily. This is a pretty small thing, but goes a long way in the overall experience.
  • Charging: The E75 supports charging from BOTH the propriety Nokia charger as well as USB and this is the way it should be. Insanely convenient. On the N85 they just had USB charging and I had a pretty bad time when I would forget the charger at home.
  • Standby Screen Dialing: The standby screen dialing, introduced on the E71, allows you to bring up a contact right on the standby screen by simply typing in his/her name. You then have the options to make a call, send a text and so on. Incredibly convenient and I’m glad it found its way on the E75 as well.
  • Gallery: Nokia have done a commendable job briging the old 6680/6630 gallery back. The ‘Songs’ no longer opens the music player, it just lists whatever tracks I have. The images and videos are now listed separately as well. The thumbnail generation is also pretty quick. Check out these screenshots below for a better idea.

Gallery On The Nokia E75

If you want me address any specific aspect of the Nokia E75 in the coming days, please drop a line below. For the latest updates make sure you follows us on Twitter as well.

13 thoughts on “10 Things I Like About The Nokia E75”

  1. I used E71 for 3 months and then lost it. Had to buy another phone.. I landed up having E75. However I found that apart from qwert keyboard there is nothing more to be excited E75 when you compare it with E71. Infact the feature I badly miss is ‘short press’ and ‘long press’ ability of custom made shortcuts in E71.Next why the hell they have cutshort the usage period of GPS from 3 months in 71 to just 1 month in 75. Also could not find card reader in 75. Next, I dont know why but I am not able to properly configure / activate E75’s blutooth with my PC as I am not able to transfer files and even having trouble with PC suite identifying my E75.

    Anyway now that I have bought this phone I will try to be happy as much as I can with E75.

  2. @Jayesh – i have the E75 and i can vouch that you can indeed customize the email and calendar keys- for both long and short press. I have my Calendar key set to HandyWeather on long press and the Email key set to the Music Player.

    So far i’m lovin this device and i’m actually posting from it right now. My second qwerty keyboard but definitely my favorite so far.

  3. The 3.5mm headphone jack comment makes no sense.

    If you think that the audio on the E75 is better,it’s
    probably because you’re using (a) better quality
    headphones and/or (b) the E75 just has better
    audio circuitry.

  4. Where is the antenna for the E75 located? Is it at the bottom like in the E71? The signal in my room is very weak and I always find I get better coverage on my E71 if I hold it upside down when using a handsfree device.

  5. Hello,

    one question from a maybe future customer 😉

    with the cable delivered in the standard box to plug the cellphone to the computer (USB Cable) does it actually charge the cellphone or should I order the specific usb charging cable?

    thanks !

  6. Adrien, the in box cable will do the needful. No need to order anything else.

    Imran, battery is weaker than the E71. Will get through one day with medium usage, but that’s it.

  7. I may or may not use this feature, but I’m wondering if Qik (video streaming) will work on this phone. I suspect it will, since it works on the E71x, but I’d like to know for certain. Qik just announced their “innovative mobile video solution” will be “on the Nokia N97 and future Symbian S60 devices”.

  8. I really like your website and the detailed reviews.

    Maybe you can help me out on a critical buyers-question I have.

    I like the E75, its looks and its functionalities..
    However, I have serious doubts with the quality of the slider (the keyboard). I’ve seen it in a shop where it most certainly didn’t feel like a rock (ok, maybe it has passed a couple of hundred hands at that time…). It actually felt quite fragile…a combination of loose elements.

    I read from your review that you had another experience on this..right..?

    Thanks for your time.

    Kind regards
    (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

  9. Hi,

    Thnaks for all the info provided here. I have been owning this phone since 3 days now. Facing a problems already.. 🙁
    1. Th songs dont move fwd when am playing them. I am compelled to go “Back” to the list and hit “Play” again.. !!
    2. Th player hangs quite so often. Can say every second time I use it. The mobile totally is freezing and I have to restart the mobile to do anything with it.

    Is this coz of having MP4 format song files in between. But one more surprising contradiction to this is that I can choose a MP4 song file and still play it seperately.

    Can anyone help me with this plz.. 🙁 May be I hav got a faulty piece..
    Otherwise am just loving teh feel when I tyep and use the mobile..
    Thnx in advance for any advice.
    – NewE75Owner

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