Now Pre-Book Your Nokia N97 In India

The Pre-Order list for the Nokia N97 was updated yesterday with the UK being added to the countries from where you can pre-order a black or white N97. The tally now includes Finland, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Spain, USA and UK. Meanwhile, if you are in India, you can now pre book for N97 as well.

This works a little differently, all you need to do is fill in the forum below and wait for your nearest Nokia Priority Dealer to contact you as soon as the device becomes available. You needn’t pay anything upfront and can always refuse to buy the device if your mind changes.

Now Pre-Book Your Nokia N97 In India

There is no word on what the price is going to be in India, my guess is that the N97 will launch around the Rs. 35,000 mark and soon fall towards the Rs. 30,000 mark keeping in with the global trend. Are you getting the N97 on launch? What colour?

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  1. Today nokia had announced preorder in india ihad booked it after some time i had recived call from nokia priority dealer they asking me toy pay 3000rupees as booking amount and they had told clearly launch date is 23rd june the price will be not more than 36200 any way its good news

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