Screenshots Of The N-Gage Client On The Nokia N97

Good news for the gaming enthusiasts, if these indications are to be believed the Nokia N97 will be running N-Gage by the time it hits stores worldwide. The client is already ready and it looks exactly like the one available on other S60 3rd Edition devices. The last time I had a virtual play with the Nokia N97, there was no N-Gage despite a folder titles ‘Games’ being present, this time I was pleasantly surprised.

Here are a few screenshots of the client as seen via Forum Nokia’s RDA. There was only one game ‘Asphalt 4 – Elite Racing’ installed.

N-Gage On The Nokia N97


N-Gage On The Nokia N97
N-Gage On The Nokia N97
N-Gage On The Nokia N97
N-Gage On The Nokia N97

N-Gage On The Nokia N97
N-Gage On The Nokia N97

Unfortunately, this was the last screen I was able to reach. After this the device didn’t load the game. I suspect this was due to the fact that I was accessing it remotely via the RDA. The right options bar seems to be able to house shortcuts to three most played games, that’s the reason I think the Asphalt 4 is there.

Is N-Gage an important factor for your N97 purchase decision?

16 thoughts on “Screenshots Of The N-Gage Client On The Nokia N97”

  1. I wonder how many games in the current N-gage library will be available at launch? N-gage won’t be a dealbreaking in me getting an N97, but I would love to be able to play Reset Generation on it. Loving this game on my N78. If they can optimized the game for the N97 screen so that more of the playfield would be visible, it would be great news and I would gladly re-buy the game in support 🙂

  2. Kiyo21, I couldn’t play with the N97 much due to the time constraints, but it seems as if quite a few titles will be available. I could see a lot of Games in the ‘Get More’ section of the N-Gage client.

  3. Yes, definitely the ngage app is one of the main factors that I love N97 for…Imagine playing ngage in such a BIG SCREEN!!!

    I love its Big touch screen,the GUI,the QWERTY keyboard, and especially the device’s opening mechanism!!!

    Unfortunately, I dont have the cash right now to afford one!!!

  4. got a white n97 today…..
    no ngage installed or available anywhere
    download failed everytime using ovi store
    keyboard does not work when in nokia music store
    first time i used nokia music store it was in english, after a reboot its changer to a foreigh language! and no setting to change it back to english.
    obviously sending it back tomorrow!
    you’d think they’d test these things before releasing them

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