Get The Official Facebook Application For S60 5th Edition From The Ovi Store

The first official Facebook application for S60 5th Edition devices is here in the form a .4MB Web Runtime widget and is available as a free download from the Ovi Store. The app looks like the one present on the upcoming Nokia N97, but without the home screen widget.

Download The Facebook Application For S60 5th Edition

The vast majority of S60 3rd Edition users however have still been left in the cold. But is the Ovi Store finally coming into its own?

Head over to AAS for more screenshots of the application in action.

Ovi Store Link

Mobile Link

42 thoughts on “Get The Official Facebook Application For S60 5th Edition From The Ovi Store”

  1. Apparently, the application doesn’t work for the E71. The Ovi store gives the idiotic message, “This application no longer available” when an E71 user attempts the download.

    Also, it seems that the app is pretty rough – it crashes a lot – if the comments are any guide.

  2. anyone having issues installing this app. my phone says that the install has completed but i have no icon to launch it. im using a nam version of the the 5800 with the latest nam firmware

  3. hi, I’m also having problems installing it!!!! I don’t have an icon either!!can anyone heeeelp pleasE??????????

  4. i have nokia 5530. By mistake i deleted my facebook application.
    Nw i want tn download it back….. Cn sum1 help me plzzzzzzz……

  5. this app compared 2 the old version is rubbish, in fact its that bad that i would stop usin fb on my phone! Cant see wot friends write, doesn’t tell u when some1 has posted! Doesn’t tell u when u have messages, and only tells u 2 or 3 posts the rest get deleted automatically! Totally rubbish avoid at all costs

  6. @mahir i did the same thing! and now i have no freakin idea how to get it back!.. can anyone help me pleasee?

  7. i need facebook apps. I have it but it didn’t run. My ph0ne is 5530. Ovi st0re didn’t have it suited for my device.i only have a bookmark,but it isn’t enough. Plz help.

  8. i install this app but i can’t see the icon ……i can just uninstalle this app from installed app in sttings :((( need help

  9. I have a 5530 I deleted this FB app when FB said there was a newer one. The new one doesn’t work with my camera or let me upload pics. I need this one back and it’s unavailable! ๐Ÿ™

  10. Dear sir. I have the official facebook for s60 v5 on my c5 05..but when i tried to log in my phone sleeps away and restarts.pliz help me. do reply me at

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