N97 NAM Hits US Flagship Stores On June 9 – Other Countries Not Far Behind

Great news for those of you in the US, the N97 NAM will go on sale at 11:00 AM on June 9 at the Flasgship stores in New York and Chicago. The device will retail for $699 plus tax, 95$ more than what you can get it for via Amazon, but nothing beats being able to walk in, pick up the device and walk out. According to Ricky, they only have the Black variant in stock.

While Norman reports that June 18 will be the day that those of you in Germany can get your hands on the N97. If you are in India, June 18 seems to be date we’ll see the N97 hit retail as well for about Rs. 35,000 (as predicted).

This time Nokia has gone the extra mile in trying to please its US customers by offering them a NAM variant even before the device starts selling in other parts of the world. However, those of you with unfulfilled pre-orders might not be pleased with this development. There is a possibility that the orders get processed soon but if you have not received a delivery date yet, then get in touch with Chanse Arrington.

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  1. Do you have a list of countries and dates of launch, I can’t find any, and I’m interested in the Nokia N97.

  2. what is nezt in the plans for nokia….. in the mix of a new phone in the nseries other than the n97?

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