New Nokia E75 Firmware v. 110.48.125 Now Available

Nokia has rolled out a new firmware v. 110.48.125 for the Nokia E75, up from v100.48.78. The new firmware is available over-the-air (OTA) by simply pressing *#0000# from the standby screen and checking for updates. (Detailed guide on how to update OTA here). The phone features user data preservation (UDP) so your data should be fine even after the update, however a backup never hurts. The update should also be available via the windows only Nokia Software Updater.

New Nokia E75 Firmware v. 110.48.125 Now Available New Nokia E75 Firmware v. 110.48.125 Now Available

The update is 5MB in size and the entire process of updating hardly takes 5 minutes and I am updating as I write this post. Unfortunately, the changelog isn’t available yet, but I will try and see if I find something new/different.


  • The device seems faster, more snappy.
  • The email list in the default email application loads much faster, specially if you have a lot of emails in the inbox. However, its still sluggish on the whole.
  • The turn controls are gone. Yes gone. You can no longer turn to silence calls/alarms. Why would Nokia do this? I can’t imagine, so this is important to you take a call of whether you want the update.
  • The seems to be no ‘new’ feature, just basic bug fixes.

16 thoughts on “New Nokia E75 Firmware v. 110.48.125 Now Available”

  1. Any word of any firmware update for the E71? Its been a while since we last saw an update (March09). Am hoping to see better integration with the Nokia Messaging client as we saw on the E75.

  2. Hmmm.

    I cannot update – my Nokia E75 will not find the new update…… 🙁

    Current version 100.48.78.
    Model E75-1
    Type RM-412

    Any ideas?

  3. Dennis, it may not be available for your region yet. I too am waiting for the update and I have the NAM version-

  4. The turn controls are gone because of a bug…when the turn controls were turned on in a lot of cases when you got a call the phone would go into silent mode after just one ring, which made for a lot of missed calls. Either Nokia couldn’t be bothered to actually fix the problem or they were not able to, whatever the case the solution was to get rid of the turn controls. This happened to my phone after I had it about a month and an internet search reveals that a lot of other people were having the same problem.

  5. How to set up Lotus notes email on Nokia E75 ???
    When I bought the phone it was mentioned that Lotus Notes would work. It does’nt connect.

  6. Is there any trick to get the firmware v110.48.125 from the location it is available even on mine isn’t?

  7. Can anyone tell me if the E75 Firmware v.110.48.125 has improved their camera photo quality compared with E75 Firmware v100.48.78? Or isit just that my camera is really poor in taking photos?


  8. My model E75-1 RM-412 software version is 100.48.78, date 25.03.2009. When I try to update it, then the server replies: “No updates available”. Does anybody know why this is the case, and how to overcome this problem?

  9. I have just updated my firmware for E 75 to 110.48.125 . but all turn and touch sensor settings gone and left with only rotation setting. any way u can update it through nokia web. just go to and go for the updates.

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