Nokia N97 Coming To India On June 23 – Pre-Booking Starts With A Rs. 3000 Upfront Payment

The N97 finally has a realistic release date of June 23 in India and the pre-booking for the same started yesterday. You can pre-book the N97 in the colour of your choice by filling in this form, selecting a Nokia Priority Dealer closest to you and then waiting for his call to confirm the order.

Nokia N97 PreBooking

In order to pre-book you will need to deposit Rs. 3000 upfront with the Dealer and pay the rest on the day you take posession of the device. According to a reader Arvind, his dealer said the same thing and quoted a price of not more than Rs. 36,200. In my book, that should be closer to the Rs. 35,000 mark and even lesser within a week.

8 thoughts on “Nokia N97 Coming To India On June 23 – Pre-Booking Starts With A Rs. 3000 Upfront Payment”

  1. Without watching real can one spend 35000 rs..waiting 4 yr review vaibhav.than decide prebook it or not

  2. I mean pl..give us yr first impression of n97..when u got yr hands on it at 10th .& pl..tell me one thing is the brightness & clarity of the screen same as 5800 or better.bcauz i was not satisfied with 5800 s resistive i sold it and using my trusty e71

  3. Pratik,

    Fill in the order form and choose the closest nokia dealer. They will give you a call back. Dealers have the live demo of N97 going on which you can go and check out.

    I did the same today. Filled up the form, chose the dealer
    (in Pune) and I got a call within an hours time. They said they have the live demo at the shop. I am going for it today in the evening.


  4. Vaibhav, your statement suggests that you liked of what you saw of the N97 at the bloggers meet and you buy it for sure.

    When are you putting up your review about it?

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