Free QuickOffice 6 Upgrade (Office 2007 Compatibility) For Eseries

Quickoffice today announced that it will be offering free upgrades to the latest version of Quickoffice for users on certain Nokia Eseries phones which include the Nokia E51, E52, E55, E63, E71, E72, E75 and E90 devices.

Free QuickOffice 6 Upgrade (Office 2007 Compatibility) For Eseries

Quickoffice 6 will be available as a free upgrade via Quickmanager, Quickoffice’s secure on-device, e-commerce portal. Quickoffice 6 includes more advanced document viewing and editing functionality of Microsoft Office 2007 documents, ZIP file support, password-protected file handling, Excel 2007 chart viewing and multiple usability enhancements. Subsequent software updates released by Quickoffice for these select devices will also be available on a continual basis, including PowerPoint 2007 format support. Quickoffice 6 will initially only be available in English and a fully localized update will follow in the near future.

[via: Nokia Addict]

9 thoughts on “Free QuickOffice 6 Upgrade (Office 2007 Compatibility) For Eseries”

  1. Hi Steve, I’m sorry if it looks as if I mean v6 brings office 07 compatibility. The reason I put that in the title was because prior to this update Eseries were bereft of office 07 support.

  2. sir how can i get the free upgrade please help me i really nid that..huhuhu.. hope you can help me guys…

  3. My Quickmanager requires that I purchase the upgrade – How do I get to the upgrade free as per the press release? Clues?


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