Predictive Input Makes The N97’s Typing Experience Much Better

I have been using the N97 for over a day now and for the first 12 hours I decided to use the phone with the predictive text turned off. However after turning it on I have found my typing experience to have improved to a large extent. This will not be a review of the keyboard as I want give myself a little more time with it before I make a call. Instead this is a simple tip which might just make your experience better if you’re not already using predictive input.

This is how you can activate and customise it:

Predictive Text N97

Predictive Text N97

I have found that if you dig a little deeper in and navigate to the settings, you should be able to get it to work for you even better. The above settings work well for me, auto correcting words, predicting them and so on. Although I am still not sure if I want to keep the ‘Text Correction Level’ at ‘High’ or ‘Medium’, the choice will vary for you depending on the way you type.

The ‘Text Correction Mode’ has two options, you can either get it to show the suggested word or what you have written. I chose to show the suggested word because the suggestion would most likely be because I’ve made a spelling mistake and with this I can simple hit space to accept the change and move on. Had I chosen ‘Show Text As Entered’, I would then need to manually accept the change everytime.

All of this said and done, the predictive/corrective experience on the N97 is no where near the one on the E71. The software doesn’t automatically capitalise the ‘I’ nor does it add apostrophe’s such as ‘dont’ to don’t. There are other gripes as well such as there being no difference shown between the predicted word and the one you entered. Having been a E71 user for a long time, I am accustomed to predictive input, if you are not, getting used to it will take time but as I have come to learn its worth it.

Nokia, please fix the short comings on the predictive text with a new firmware and that I’m sure will go a long way in making people like the keyboard and the general experience. While you are at it, please enable a long press for number entry as well. Just put the E71 module in.

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  1. Ooh, that’s interesting — I know your article’s aging now, but I don’t have ‘Input Options’ under Font Size — I have ‘Writing Language’ and that’s it! The predictive text is causing me unhappiness because it’s not working like the N96 predictive text used to and the options you show may help. Does this option exist elsewhere with current firmware do you know?

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