N97 Firmware v11.0.021 Now Available

Keeping their promise of a July 1 release, Nokia has rolled out the new v. 11.0.021 firmware for the N97, up from the existing v 10.0.012. Going by the changelog that came out yesterday, the firmware should fix major bugs, bring much needed stability and hopefully free some RAM. The first production firmware v10 was somewhat of a disaster and hopefully this should take the N97 to the level it should have been when the device first started shipping.

Major fixes include more stable USB charging, new facebook widget and a fix for the forced number input in it, along with general widget stability. The UI should be much faster and responsive now, transitions should be faster too. Nokia has also apparently tried to fix the lock/unlock no light illumination bug, the funny things is that the changelog mentions a ‘partial’ fix.

New Nokia N97 Firmware v11.0.021 Now Available

The new firmware is available over-the-air (OTA) by pressing *#0000# from the dialer and checking for updates. (Here is a guide on how to update OTA, the guide is written for FP2 devices but the process is similar on the N97 as well). The phone features user data preservation (UDP) so your data should be fine even after the update, however a backup never hurts. The update should also be available via the windows only Nokia Software Updater. Sadly, the firmware still isn’t available for all product codes, mine included.

UPDATE: If, like me, the v11 update is not available to you OTA for some reason, try updating through the NSU. Your data will still be safe, it’ll just be a bigger download (143.1MB) and a more cumbersome process. I am updating as I write this.

I have already reviewed the N97 Hardware and with this update live, expect the software review soon. If you notice something interesting, please let us know in the comments section.

10 thoughts on “N97 Firmware v11.0.021 Now Available”

  1. I tried to update the software in N97 thru OTA. Thrice I tried and all the times I got the msg that there are no updates available.

  2. So, update thru NSU is more recommended as changing the product code will haper the warranty.. right?

  3. hi.. i have a problem in my n97. here in pakistan, whenever i receive any sms from certain, 2, networks. there occurs a problem about date and time of that msg.
    i.e if i receive any msg at, 3:15 pm 10/july, the receiving time in inbox will b 2:45 am 11/july… so, this shuffles the msgs in inbox.
    i tried every possible way, including, updating the software version but no success.
    plz guide me for any other possible way from recovering this error…
    awaiting your reply.

  4. Hi Sheroz

    Please check the date and time settings of ur cell fone.
    select the correct time and GMT ..

  5. I tried to update both thru OTA and NSU and get the message that there are no available updates yet my device shows V10. Any ideas????

  6. here in south africa. got my n97 the recently and heard of the new version 11.0.021 and tried updating my n97 via the pc suite and on the phone itself and it says that there arent any new updates available. please help!!!

  7. My new N97 has the latest pre-installed v. 11.0.021 firmware. However, after 2 days of using it, suddenly all my in coming messages (SMS) has no sound alert. I checked all the settings & unable to find the root problem. Not sure if this is a bug or somewhere I accidently/wrongly press something… 🙁

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