How To Change The Product Code On A N97 & Nokia 5800

Following on from my previous post about the Nemesis Service Suite (NSS) update which brings compatibility with the latest Nokia devices including S60 5th Edition and Windows 7 is this brief tutorial which explains how to change the product code on a Nokia device in order to update the firmware.

This tutorial should be valid for all Nokia devices and not just the N97, which I have used to demo the procedure. In order to get started, all you need is:

  • A Windows machine.
  • A copy of the NSS Suite which you can get here, or use this direct link.
  • A USB cable to connect the phone to the computer.
  • The device itself.


  • Simply connect your device to the computer in the ‘PC Suite’ mode.
  • Install (use the default configuration, i.e. just keep clicking next during installation) and fire up NSS. You should see the following screen.

How To Change The Product Code On A N97 & 5800

  • Simply click the lens as shown in the picture above.

How To Change The Product Code On A N97 & 5800

  • You will see the above screen, next click on ‘Phone Info’ situated next to the top left corner.

How To Change The Product Code On A N97 & 5800

  • In the ‘Phone Info’ screen, click ‘Read’ to bring up your current product code, HW version etc.

How To Change The Product Code On A N97 & 5800

  • Next simply click ‘Enable’ next to the product code.

How To Change The Product Code On A N97 & 5800

  • Fill in the desired product code, I have used a fictitious ‘111111’. Please make sure you fill in the right product code e.g. filling in a NAM product code when your device is a Euro model can cause serious damage when you update. Now press ‘Write’.
  • Nothing will appear to have happened, but your product code would have been changed. To verify hit ‘Read’ once again.
  • That’s it. You have now changed your product code and can fire up the Nokia Software Updater to get the latest firmware.

Please note that I or The Symbian Blog will not be responsible for any damage or liability that results from the above procedure. Please do so at your own risk. Happy updating! If you are wondering about the advantages or disadvantages of updating, look this post up.

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    You will brick your device at next update!!
    The baseband is different between US/China/ROW and it will break.
    You will void your warranty and service point will not service your device.

    If the issue is lack of firmware update, please reach out to a Nokia representative in your country and discuss the matter with him.
    If it is an operator issue, then discuss with your operator, you are a customer and you are entitled to proper service.

    These are the only way to fix problems on the long run.

    Julien Fourgeaud

  2. Hello:

    Thanks for the tutorial. I have followed the instructions but when I click on “Read” I get “Reading values… Error!”

    Do you have any advise?


  3. I also get the error: “Reading values… Error!”
    The 2 last lines reads as follows:
    –>Please copy the loaders first!
    ->Products Dir(‘products’)…….Not Found.

  4. Bjorn; these last two lines don’t have anything to do. I also thought that this is the reason I got the error message but it wasn’t.

    This what I Have done and I hope it will work for u as well

    I instaled Nokia PC Suite and conetced my phone. Than I instaled Nokia Updater and NSS. After that I uninstalled Nokia PC Suite and connected my phone. Started NSS and clicked scan… stared working after f*%#ing hours of trying.

  5. I used to get the same error, Bjorn.

    Make sure you have OVI Suite closed down, as well as any other nokia app you may have running in the background. That’s all you need to do in order to stop receiving such an error.

    Salutes from Mexico!.

  6. I have succesfully changed my product code according to NSS Suite. When “reading” the product code it tells me it is the new product code.

    But when i use Nokia Ovi Suite to try to update the firmware it gives me the updates for my old (branded) firmware! Any ideas? I am using Vista and Ovi Suite 2. When I try the over the air firmware update I get “no firmware available” – which is correct at this time…

  7. if you encouter reading values error just disconnect your device and reconnect it again then “read”…it works for me

  8. It seems you are promoting software with trojans.

    Trend Antivirus gives this:

    Reading virus pattern from C:\Program Files\Trend Micro\OfficeScan Client\lpt$vp
    n.581(658100) (2009/10/27) (658100)

    Scanning Memory PASS.
    Scanning partition sector of disk C:
    Scanning boot sector of disk C:
    Scanning NSS103815.exe->Found Virus [PAK_Generic.009]

  9. please help me i dont know what product code to do i live in europe rm 505 but i dnt know what product code gets the updates

  10. Hi

    well let me tell every one the person who wrote this guide is STAR. I have update version on my n97. THANK YOU VERY MUCH…

  11. I successfully managed to get the new firmware on my phone, YAY- or is it a curse? it initially seemed i had bricked my spankin new singing and dancing phone, but it came to life as planned, i connected it to ovi suite and updated, that too went great, however, my phone now runs out of memory, and resets, i am on 3g uk, and obviously none of the contet runs, the gps now reports internet use is disabled.

    i dont know if its to do with the settings for 3, but it refuses to read my sim contacts as well now. would it be worth changing the prod code back to origional?

  12. Guys, I was having the same value issues with NSS and it wouldn’t read my device. I downloaded Nokia PC Suite, connected my E71x, and then launched NSS with PC Suite open. This worked and it read my device sucessfully which allowed me to change my product number.

  13. Hey, thanks for this guide, worked great with my 5800. I had product code 0581336 H3G AU B, which restricted me to firmware v21 for too long now.
    Upgraded to the latest now, i hope it doesn’t have as many issues.

    I had no problems with using NSS (on Windows XP MCE), no connection error, and no problem updating the firmware using NSU.

  14. I changed the product code of my 5320 xprs music . But still nsu says I am having the latest fw. I checked the can i update page with the product code. It is showing a later fw version 5.16. So what else needs to be done?

  15. it works for me… after messing around for the whole day, finally found a reliable one… Thx for the great tutorial

  16. Worked great on my Nokia 5800 which was stuck with firmware v30. After changing the product code to an Euro2 model I could upgrade to v40. Much kudos!

  17. PLssss help i am using windows 7 and i always have this problem:i click scan and it says error.What should i do???

  18. In the bigening i had problems with the detecting of my phone … It was saying something like READING ERROR 🙂 I have shut down all kind of apliccations related with NOKIA as ( Nokia OVI , Nokia Software Updater etc.) … I have pluged and unpluged the USB kable a few times and everything started working 🙂 Thank you about the tuotorial …
    I have N97 and i changed the product key … Now i am starting with the change of the SOFTWARE …

  19. Hi, I have 5800XM, a NAM model, type RM428. The V40 firmware is not available for my product code. I do have the NSS and a list of product codes which I can change to but I’m wondering which one to use because of the threat of bricking the device and voiding my warrantee. I wanted to know If anyone with my same type and model has successfully tried this, and if so, which product code did you use?

  20. I changed the product code on my nokia 5800 xm successfully but afterwards,NSU was not able to recognize my device.any help??

  21. If Nokia M Server was running on your Task Manager… close it ’cause NSS will not work and will appear the message Scan ERROR

  22. I have successfully changed the product code on my n97 to various codes that should be eligible for an upgrade.
    However, NSU fails to update beyond v12.xy. Is there anything else that should be changed ?

  23. Phone: Nokia N97 Mini firmware 10.0.020.

    Installed NSS and ran after exiting all other Nokia programs.
    Successfully found the phone and read the details.

    Managed to change the Product Code without any problems. Could not find any new updates until I rebooted the phone. I Used Nokia Software Updater and then found new firmware 11.0.045.

    Installed and updated, Yay, no-more Network Branding on my phone.

    Many thanks.

  24. I have the newest firmware already installed (11.0.045). I changed the product code. After restarting the phone, and the PC, I used nss to do a software update search.

    There were no newer firmware so the only option I have was “reinstall”. The reinstall failed with the following message along the line of “cannot downgrade” and ‘no R&D certificate”.

    Wondering if anyone have this error?
    My phone were branded with vodafone.


    Unplug the phone from cable
    reconnect it
    click scan

    worked for me

  26. Thx alot for your guide dude!! It works for my 5800XM. i’ve upgraded my firmware to v40. COOL

  27. GREAT, EASY!! the only thing i had to do differently was write instead of read to confirm change, no updating to v40!!

  28. last time I used this method, and update my N97 from 12 to 20 easily, however, now when the 21 version firmware is out. I can’t update, nor change the code back to it was. It always says error internal or something. I think this method is one way ticket to bricktown 😐

  29. Bought a 5800 in the UK, living in Denmark, stuck on V30. Decided on ‘British Isles’ and successfully changed my code with NSS, but updating fails using all 3 methods.
    -Using the phone’s integrated search/update: Says no update.
    -Using Nokia Updater and Ovi Suite: Shows V50 as most current, downloads it, then fails when the DL is done. Errors are always network related, ie: Check your internet connection or maybe our servers are down. Might try switching to another code (Euro2?).

    Any help? 🙁

  30. I have problem with my N97 mini. It has Vodafone’s SW version 11.0.102 and the newest version on site is 11.0.045 so NSU can’t update it!
    What should I do to update the SW ?


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