Key Lock Clock Displays The Time & Date At The Press Of The Menu Key

If you miss the ability of the E71 & E66 to hit the menu key while the phone is locked to display the time, date and other information, Dr Jukka has just come out with a brilliant application called Key Lock Clock that duplicates this functionality. Although the application has been made with S60 5th Edition devices like the N97 and Nokia 5800 in mind, it should work with any S60 3rd Edition handset as well.


Here is an image of my N97 running the application. Since the N97/5800 doesn’t have a screensaver clock of its own, it was a bit of work if you needed to check if you had any missed calls, SMS orΒ  simply check the time. With this application all you need to do is hit the menu key while the phone is locked and this gorgeous screen pops up.

The only problem is that the file is unsigned, so you can either sign it via the Open Signed website or use this tutorial to get a certificate for yourself and sign it on the phone itself.


This application can additionally also be used as a Table clock when the charger is connected. To enable this feature just set the “Lights on while charging” from the settings. You can even change the brightness of the display and with the N97 in the ‘laptop mode’ this is pretty feasible too.

[via: NokiAAddict]

15 thoughts on “Key Lock Clock Displays The Time & Date At The Press Of The Menu Key”

  1. how comes on my 5800 i only have the time displayed really small when i press the menu button?
    i cant seem to find any settings to make it bigger like your n97 images

  2. That’s strange, may be its a bug as there’s no setting to control the font size. Try reinstalling and if you have a S60 3rd Edition handset may be it’ll be worthwhile installing on it to see if the font is the same size on both.

  3. i like this app. i wish that the clock would stay on the screen the whole time like my old nokia 3250. that way, i don’t have to push the menu button to see the screen. the clock would move up and down the screen of course, not just stay in one place. also, i wish that they would have a 12 hour display. i don’t like the 24 hour clock.

  4. Update coming shortly, added selectable font, and light time out after pressing the menu button. Also added automatic key lockking.

    Fixed the 12 hour clock as well, also found a strange state logic on charging, thus lights while charging should work with the new release..

  5. what is the registration key of the following applications:
    1-Hand Clock
    2-Ultimate Call Recoder (With No Beep)

  6. hello, thanks for this post.. i have the e71 but cannot find where to set the clock screensaver? can anyone help me please?

  7. unfortunately the screensaver framework on devices that has it, is build in a way that it can not be disabled.. luckily 5th edition devices do not have it.

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