Poll: Do You Like The N97’s Keyboard?

The Nokia N97’s keyboard has come under a lot of fire for the spacebar placement, lack of a dedicated comma key and limited tactile feedback. Despite all of that after more than two weeks with the N97, I have come to love the N97’s keyboard.

If you have used the N97’s keyboard, I’m curious to know what you thought. Vote now!

Jump over for my thoughts on the keyboard and general N97 hardware.

7 thoughts on “Poll: Do You Like The N97’s Keyboard?”

  1. Honestly, am hardly using the keyboard… the touch input is so amazing that it doesnt require me to use the keyboard. Same goes for the stylus, i use it or very few applications.

    The touch experience has been awesome till now and i dont think its gonna worsen off.

    Since I am using the QWERTY keyboard phone for the first time, I wud say “i’m surely in the middle only”

  2. This is killing me… i am still waiting on mine N97. Stupid vodafone.
    *This message is from a frustrated nokia-fan*

  3. I found it great, except the ‘, and . are all on the one key, which is right near the shift. Everything else is great.

  4. I’ve had mine for about a month, I always use the querty keyboard it’s just great. That’s one of the reasons why I changed my N95 and I’m not dissapointed at all. I think there’s always room for improvement but this is a very nice keyboard. I got used to the space bar position in a bit. The only thing I’m struggling with is the lack of letter “ñ” which is commonly used in spanish (for those who don´t know where to find it, just press the n key whilst pressing sym key).

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