How To Disable Camera Sound On Your Nokia

I am sure all of you at some point or the other have wanted to turn of the camera/shutter sound while taking pictures or videos for a variety of reasons. While on a handful of product codes you can simply turn of the ‘Warning Tones’ from the profiles menu to silence the camera tone, on most handsets that tip doesn’t work.

How To Disable Camera Sound On Your Nokia

Enter this exceedingly small patch (under 1KB) that you can install to get rid of the annoying sound. There is no need to ‘hack’ your phone for this to work.

  • Install it and turn off the ‘Warning tones’ from the profiles menu. (If the warning tones are already set to off, then turn them on and then off).
  • If the camera sound is still not off, restart the phone once.

I have tested it on my N97 and E75, but the patch should work on other devices too. Enjoy.

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  1. Thanks a lot for THIS GREAT apps

    It works on my Nokia N8
    and funnily this patch (after I install it) removes a bug caused by Nokia Bubbles (screen color distortion while locking on landscape mode)

  2. works perfectly on nokia C5-00 phone purchased in south India. thanks a ton… long time i have waited for this software…… nokia has gotta get rid of this privacy paranoia!

  3. thank you for this info! i tried the steps two months ago but i got some problems with the free signer and the chinese website where you could get your certificate! what i did was i installed signSIS-GUI on my laptop and unsigned my mute-camera.sis there. Then i sent the signed.sis on my e5 and did the on/off warning tones thing and it work. at last i will no longer need to put cotton and tapes on the speaker.

  4. I installed the patched and it worked on my Nokia 5230. Nokia decided to update the software and now that damn beeping is back. Has anyone gone through this? I switched my warning sounds back to on, then back to off, then restarted my phone. The beeping is still there.

  5. IT FREAKIN WORKS!.. it took more than a day and another research though, for the “how to get the certificate”‘s chinese page had been expired (change/upgraded), which u’ll needa look for nother sites & guides to got the certificate, and sign in the application’s took a while. But seriously, I taught it’s not gonna work/hopeless..

    Yet if you’re “serious”, trust me this’ works! (at least you’ll need additional research). Thx Sharma! *thumbs up*

  6. @jonathan Also updated the software and the beeping was back again. You just need to reinstall the signed patch. Thankfully i still had a copy of mine. once uv installed it, you can expect it to work like before, with no sound, that is. πŸ™‚ good luck!

  7. FAILURE: Submitted .sis file uses a UID that is not in the protected or test range (0x10202be9). Open Signed Online only accepts UIDs from the ranges 0x2xxxxxxx and 0xExxxxxxx.

  8. Hey, i even got the sis file self-signed…bt still the problem i’m facing is that while trying to install the file ,it says- ”cannot install protected file from an untrusted supplier”….please help.

  9. This didn’t work on my new E73 nokia. Maybe the company has gotten wise. I got certificate expired.

  10. it works on my e72 firmware 071.004, however i get the “memory full close some applications” error when i have no app open while using ccam. so essentially, i can’t use it πŸ™

  11. Well, there’s a much simpler solution. If your service provider has some charge-free number, specially if it’s the kind of service where they take like 2 centuries to answer, then simply call that number and keep the call active while you activate the camera (without flash, duh), when you hit the shooter, it won’t make any more than an almost-impossible-to-hear beep. That’s because the beep is supposed to be heard only if you’re holding the phone in your ear. I’ve taken many pics this way. I even use my hands-free accesory to make sure the call is still on while I’m taking pics. If the call drops, the camera will make the normal loud sound again.

  12. Great
    it works on every profile now with warning tones off on my nokia 5800.

    it only worked after i restarted the phone. i have signed it with free signer.

  13. Making a call and then taking a picture seems to work, but I can’t get the camera focus if I have the opti navi on with my E72. If I turn off the Opti Navi, then I can focus by pressing the middle button.

    I signed the mute sis file via Symbian Signed but it still won’t install on my phone. Getting an “unable to install constrained by certificate” error message. I know I entered my IMEI correctly and changed the UID to the proper range. Date is within range of the SIS valid dates. I don’t know what else to do.

    Any other solutions. Nokia’s retarded because I have a E72-2 which is an USA phone. There’s no law in the USA that says a phone needs to make a sound. I see iPhone and Android phones taking silent photos all the time here in the USA. Just shows you how out of touch Nokia is with the North American Market. They should allow all their phones the option to turn off the camera sound. It’s embarrassing to use the phone if you’re in a church wedding or if your CEO is talking in a meeting and you want to take a picture. SNAP – and everybody is looking at you.

    Nokia – please just give up a firmware update to remove the camera sound.

  14. it doesnt work on n8.especially after symbian anna upgrade.cannot access the settings even.each time exits to the main menu.any fixes?

  15. Hey It is Not Working on My Nokia 5800 X M Edition

    I have Signed the app and then ried to installed but
    shows error
    “protected application from untrusted supplier”

    What should i do????

    Please reply me…….

  16. Hi
    I have Downloaded. Signed. tried to Install
    but Error Message Comes

    “protected application from untrusted supplier”

    MY Nokia 5800 S/w Ver. is 52.0.007

    Please Help Me Out…..

  17. Hi I am trying to download this for my nokia5800 but when I try and open it, it comes up with symbols. Is there anyway to fix this? My phone is from Australia.

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