What Is The Limited Edition Anti-Theft Nokia N97 Device?

Two days ago a received an interesting email from the good folks at WOM World letting me know that a very special Limited Edition N97 Antitheft device was enroute to me. Accompanying it were the following words, ‘The device is getting a lot of attention for its looks and is becoming very desirable. To ensure the safety of your handset we have sent you a very special Limited Edition Antitheft device. Look for it in your mail in a few days’.

This really got me wondering what it was; Mark from The Nokia Blog was also sent this message along with the following picture, and now I think I know what is coming and I think I am going to love it.

Nokia N97 Anti Theft Device

I think a replica of the Nokia Mobira Cityman, the world’s first NMT hand portable is on its way and it will be able to hold the N97 thereby fooling ‘possible theives’ into thinking it was a old relic. Here’s how the device looked like:

Nokia N97 Anti Theft Device

If I am right and this is what it is, I am really looking forward to rocking the N97 this way in public. I just hope some collector doesn’t think this ‘relic’ is more valuable than the N97 itself!

3 thoughts on “What Is The Limited Edition Anti-Theft Nokia N97 Device?”

  1. Man, what kind of anti-theft protection is that? As a mobile phone aficionado, like you have said, i’ll probably steal this one than an N97 lol. Does this “device” provide any other facilities than just being an old looking container?

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