Ducati Moto Speeding Towards N-Gage

Being a huge fan of racing games, I’m glad to inform you that Ducati Moto is speeding towards an N-Gage launch and that you will soon be able to rev up for some road racing action. Ducato Moto is produced by Vir2L Studios and it is already available across a few other platforms.

Ducati Moto N-Gage

The game features 15 tracks across five exotic locations that provide the perfect platform for the world’s most extreme racing machines to do what they do best, whether they’re tearing through the streets of Hong Kong, burning up the sun-baked desert roads of Morocco or powering through the towering cliffs and coasts of Amalfi.

With five challenging Championship Events, including Time Attack, Race, Eliminator, Race Line and Stunt Challenge, and eight colourful riders to choose from, Ducati® Moto on N-Gage is truly a petrol-head’s paradise. What’s more, with regular checks of the innovative N-Gage Arena Rankings, budding bikers can ensure they stay well ahead of the field.

I am curious to try this one out for myself and see if the game will match up to its claim, meanwhile we’ll be sure to tell you more as soon as we have some specifics.