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How To Hack Your Device In Under 5 Minutes

By - On 7 August 2009 123 Comments

Having to sign an application every time you want to install something that’s not Symbian Signed is a bit of a pain, yes it can be done on the phone but if you want to completely rid yourself of this hassle then hacking your device is the best way forward. Unfortunately, Nokia had blocked this procedure via a new firmware for devices such as the E71, N96 and devices like the N97 were previously unhackable.

However, the Symbian community has once again managed a breakthrough in the from of the spanking new HelloOX2 application and you can hack almost any S60 3rd or 5th Edition device, Samsung i8910 HD included. This simple app will help you hack your device in under 5 minutes, all from the comfort of your bed without needing a computer. Difficulty level- Noob. Here’s how:

  • Extract the contents. I used X-plore to do so, but you can use any application of your choosing or even extract it on the computer and then send the file to your phone.

How To Hack Nokia N97

  • Next run the application, you will see quite a few screens like the following appear:

How To Hack Nokia N97

How To Hack Nokia N97

How To Hack Nokia N97

  • Now you will be asked if you want to install Modo, a file manager with the capability of seeing all files, including the ones in the ‘Sys’ folder. Installing it or not will not affect the hack, I chose to install it. The application will then quit and your phone would be ‘hacked’.

How To Hack Nokia N97

  • But before you can install any unsigned application, you will need to open ‘ROM Patcher’ from the ‘Applications’ folder and activate the ‘Installserver_FP2′ patch.

How To Hack Nokia N97

  • Hit Options and then ‘Apply’. That’s it. You can now forget about signing files.

How To Hack Nokia N97

  • Lastly, a word of caution. Please be very careful in what unsigned files you install. Wares and applications from untrusted sources can damage your device. Also, please do this at your own risk.
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  • Boffill said:

    Does this trick apply to the latest version of N82?

  • Roy said:

    Yes it does!

  • oz said:

    now that the n97 has been hacked, is there a way to remove joiku spot, qik and other stuff from the C drive, and also is there a way to install nokia messaging on the mass memory instead ?

  • Estep16 said:

    You should also set it to AutoStart as well in ROMPatcher to prevent having to reapply the patch if your device reboots.

  • Jon said:

    Will this void your warranty??

  • Saurabh Sharma said:

    Just a small question. What will happen if i ‘hack’ my Nokia N97 and then later on apply a firmware update ? Is there anything that i should be aware of or do in order to apply the firmware update or can i just apply it without making any changes ???
    Kindly reply as i want to get the transitions effects enabled but am hesitant…

  • Vaibhav Sharma (author) said:

    Jon, yes it can potentially void warranty. However, you can format the device and the hack disappears.

    You can update without issues. At least I have had no problems till now. Like I said, a format of the phone memory removes the hack, so you can always go back to the factory settings.

    But as always do this at your own risk! :)

  • dj990 said:

    dude can the hack be removed without full factory restore?

  • Vaibhav Sharma said:

    Well the hack basically just installs the ROM Patcher which then controls different patches which affect the actual hack. So in a way you can simply uninstall and remove traces of a hack from the menu of the phone. You can also uninstall the HelloOX2 similarly.

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  • zeina said:

    It doesn’t install, certeficate error :(

  • Brennan said:

    “Sign the application with a 17 capability developer certificate which you can easily get by following this post. Next sign the application on the phone itself, using the Free Signer application.”

    This is one step right? I mean you’re only signing it once yes? ;) And that would be on the phone..

  • Brennan said:

    Also, does anyone know if this is supported on the n75? Seems like noone but me (and I have it w/ stock Nokia firmware) has it and it’s a good phone.

    ….Just needs a little overclocking hahaha…..

  • francisco said:

    Dude, i have a problem and i need answers, i bought a n97 from china when i was on my vacation, when i came back i noticed that phone from china doesnt have wifi and 3g software enabled or isntalled, im bad at hacking and need help or any idea to get wifi and 3g or atleast wifi because internet here isnt cheap(30 sec of youtube video maked me pay 4.92 DOLLAR!!!) PLZ HELP.

  • e-mail said:

    i bought N97 BLACK before 2 weeks ago ..

    than at that time its firmware v11.0.021 ..

    after that i installed a new firmware v12.0.024 .. then also i hacked my mobile phone by HeloOx2

    then .. after i used it some days , it show me message ” system error ” more than 3 times .. i thought re-installation the firmware second times ..
    after that the problem still find [ system error ] ..

    also if i want install some App of file manager i became in standby screen

    my question is ” does the hack mobile phone make this issue or there
    are Another reasons ? “

  • WPxDominion said:

    This unmapping drive does take forever… Is that normal?

  • vibe666 said:

    @ email, the phone you bought in china, are you sure it’s an actual n97 and not a clone?

    there are several n97 clones out already, are you sure you got a real one? if it’s a clone, it might not have wifi on it at all.

    if you bring up the keypad and put in *#0000# what info do you get?

    also, FYI the wait time for the certs in the “how to quickly get a certificate” guide is currently over a week, so you might want to sign up for one now rather than wait till you actually need one cos you’ll be left waiting for quite a while. :o)

  • Joe said:

    Since I’m blind the screen shots are useless. Can someone copy the text I need to click and tell me what order to click it in?

  • e-mail said:


    My N97 is original version ..

    it made in nokia manufacture in china

    if i put *#0000# the info. are software version , date software version , custom version , custom version date language set , model , type & last update

    i sure it is original but i do not know why it has these problem ?

    about cer. this http://www.symbiansfree.com/ arabic websit

    give you cer. in 8 hours max.

    it very fast

    if you want explain ” how do you get cer. & key from it ? ”

    tell me

    thanks for your comment

  • mjs said:

    Hi, I also have the same problem WPxDominion described. How long should the unmapping take??? Can I abort it, will it harm anything?

  • naypalm said:

    Hello OX2 worked like a charm, however the download link above appeard to be invalid. I had to go a google search and found a link off of someones HelloOX1 youtube video. Thank you once again, Vaibhav Sharma!

  • ya0tzin said:

    I just wanted to drop a line to say how useful I found this article to be. I recently got a Nokia N86, and after having s40′s for a long time, I was looking forward to jumping into the world of symbian. The sheer amount of info regarding hacking a handset that I found online was very overwhelming, but this article cut right through all that and made the process very easy to understand, and ultimately carry out. So, many thanks for providing an easy to understand guide. :)

  • Scott said:

    Hi, ive signed Hello hack and trying to install on my Samsung I8910 phone, it just says unpacking files for ages and doesnt do anything else, does this actually work with I8910 or has anyone else had this problem?

  • zoom12 said:

    I have a question, how do i delete this thing, to get my warranty back?

  • zoom12 said:

    AND on what versions of 5800 firmware its working ;)

  • userrrr said:

    Hey. I need some help! The problem is, that I cant install the Hello0×2. I simply CANT! I am trying to get a signed Hello0×2 for over a 5 hours now! I am VERY VERY VEEEEERY fcking angry becouse ITS JUST NOT WORKING OMFG !!!!!

  • matt said:

    On N97 phone, if I press *#0000#, it says Language set default. What does this mean ?. I was expecting the software version. How do I know whether this phone is real one or cloned ?

    Appreciate your expert advice. thanks.

  • Syamantak said:

    i fear if you have been duped with a cheap chinese clones of N97 :(
    Does your phone has a TV connection by chance ? Try pressing these numbers: *#3646633# .. if this opens a screen saying ‘Engineering mode’ then you better start looking for an ORIGINAL N97 since this would for sure chinese one.

    BTW, this *#0000# typically shows your phone software version. In case of an N97 it should show up, Symbian S xx with version xx.xx.xxx.xx


  • ahsan said:

    What exactly does this hack do?
    As in if I download this hack what will I be able to do with my N97 that I could not do before?

  • naypalm said:


    Some 3rd party symbian developers make totally awesome applications but do not have their programs “signed”. This “hack” allows you to install such software without that pesky “certificate not signed” error that you would normally get.

  • lexuser74 said:

    why can’t it install on my s60v5!! n97 everytime same problem with certificate word!! none ware help helloOx2 (v2.2 and v2.3) all same failure can someone help with this thx thx thx

  • roushboy said:

    Does this work wit the latest N95 8gb FW 31.0.015? because latest update prevent “jailbreak”.

  • zeka said:

    une ekam hackerat Nokian N97 http://www.opda.com ky eshte webi qe munesh me bo hellox v2.0 insgned po ju duhet pas regisrimit duhet te prisni 1 dite one day.

  • jay said:

    just wondering if the n97 is worth hacking??
    what will i be able to do when its hacked??
    ist like when u jailbreak a ipohne??

  • dudidam said:

    hey.. why is my ox keep unpacking the files?? and it stucks there… ca someone give me an explanation maybe, please? :)

  • dudidam said:

    nvm i got it.. in fact, after i installed x-plore to my n97.. the ox passed the “unpakcking file” moment.. so now im stcuk with “installing root cert…” anyone can help?

  • playboy said:

    Download link seems not working. Removed already. Any chance to get it please.

  • tang said:

    is it also compatible in any samsung mobile?like e250?thanks!

  • Stoeff said:

    Will it be possible to upate my firmware, even if my provider has blocked that if i hack my N97?

  • sebabs said:

    On my nokia N86 8Mp I have a coomunicate “unpacking file…” , wait for a 5 minutes and nothing. Anyone has the same thing on your phone. Thx for answer.

  • mac said:

    Gays…can any one help with the Hello0X2 ?! Unpacking file takes ohurs…

    what is this : nvm i got it.. in fact, after i installed x-plore to my n97.. the ox passed the “unpakcking file” moment.. so now im stcuk with “installing root cert…” anyone can help?

    can u explain?!

  • marvin said:

    This is fake… The chinese site gave me “EXE” file. Normally I don’t run EXE file from unknown site (especially chinese???)….

  • vinay said:

    N97 new firmware ver20 if installed after hard reset is not hackable i know coz im the victim. without hard reset my phone remained hacked even with firmware ver20 but after having reinstalled firmware from nokia care centre(probably they did by hard resetting) its not getting hacked. Any other solution any one has.

  • Assam_mr said:

    u atleast should gv the screen shot of certificate,means hw the people wil get the cer. And key frm the website.i.e. http://imobile.isign.com

  • djchepe said:

    Why is it that nobody answer the question that unpacking take hours? it’s happening to me too and its pissing me off because all the work i have done to signed the helloOX for nothing, so please someone can tell why unpacking take hours?

  • djchepe said:

    i just find out, that it does not work for N97 mini!!!! why!!! firmware version of the mini is v10 and the version that the hack works is v11, so the people with the mini is screwed up!

  • Jazy said:

    does this work on n86?

  • Bag76 said:

    Hey Jazy…if your n86 is running fw 20.115 then it won’t work.

  • Umar said:

    i cant hack my n86help

  • Umar said:

    i cant hack my nokia n86…if any one can help plz contract me at road_romeo@hotmail.co.uk… thanx.. i’ll wait..if posible i can give u my ime number..

  • komika said:

    Hi, I have installed the signed helloox2, but “unpacking files” runs on screen more than 20 minutes. Is it OK. How long does it have to take? Can be any problem with the setup? Should I break the process? I need a quick answer. Thanks in advance!

  • komika said:

    Hi djchepe, I have a mini too. Do you have an idea to solve the problem with hack? Is there a problem with other signed program too?

  • Homeris said:

    How to solve this unpacking problem ? ;] I have n97 mini too ;]

  • PremiumFreeMovies said:

    Hey where can i find the “x-plore” which you have used here?
    also will this work on the N86 8MP ?


  • reegg96 said:

    anybody know when the N86 software version 20.115 can be hacked

  • kamuman said:

    i have n86 software version 11.043 and this will not install for me. i know that i have properly had it signed and i have tried both of the helloOX2 older and newest versions and both do not work. i receive a message on my phone just before the install that says “Requested Application Access not Granted”. i know that currently the 20.115 n86′s will not work but mine is very old and even it does not work. please help! email me at kamuman@yahoo.com. the main thing that i am just looking to do is to access the system files on my device. and what really i am trying to do that for is to see if i can modify any of the phone’s tones that are by default not modifiable like the phone startup tone, etc. please let me know if that is possible in any way.

  • kamuman said:

    i forgot to mention also that i am also trying to install files that i found on another post that allow me to access the system files. the files are the MapDrives v1.01 and the ROMPatcher v1.01. any reason why my n86 with software version 11.043 is not working for any of this?

  • luke said:

    does anyone know a hack for a n97 with v20

  • ifect said:

    Please how do i get the HelloOX2 Signed, the link provided is invalid,,please can someone help. I need to hack my N97….

  • ifect said:

    Also here is my email bluedream24700@yahoo.com anyone with HelloOX2 Signed should pls forward it to my email address.

  • Minlian said:

    Free Signer could sign my app. I’m using E63 and got the cert. and key but couldn’t sign it by using free signer

  • Richard said:

    Download link does not work… :-(
    Can anyone provide me with the right file(s)????? Please forward file(s) or new link to richard.vanderveen[AT]gmail.com. Pleeeeeez!!!

  • terrabyte said:

    I tried this with my N5800,on the latest firmware (v40) and it worked!!thanks a bunch mate!

  • terrabyte said:

    sorry my bad,that comment was meant for the camera patch.the 5800 with the latest firmware is still unhackable.

  • Pankaj said:

    Hi…. me too getting the same prob as ‘unpacking files’….
    Plz help me out….
    Already spent a lot of time trying to hack n86…
    My firmware is
    Can it be hacked or not??? Plz reply asap
    If can be hacked then plz explain how to overcome ‘unpacking files’….
    Its going on for more than 15 mins….How long should it normally take


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  • John said:

    Will this work on the X6?

  • Ashmotif200 said:

    its keep installing root cert….

    is nokia 5800 v40 hackable?

    am trying to install N-GaGe on my mob…
    frm here http://gallery.mobile9.com/f/1167032/

  • WhiteN97Freak said:

    Hey guys, I also tried this, but when I run HellOx2 it unpacks files for ages. I left it for three days, still useless!
    Please HELP!

  • hhahhhahhhahha said:

    The link to get Hello ox2 doesn’t work…
    The first step doesn’t even work!!

  • DZO said:

    n97 firmware 20 unpacking takes ages obviosly does not work maybe firmw. ver. unhackable if anyone knows why please tell

  • Japemo said:

    TO JOHN:

    Sorry but with the new firmware v12.0.91 can’t hack with helloOX2 v2.03 and v2.04. The installation stop in installing root certs…

    I’m very intersting too in hack this terminal

    Details of my terminal:
    Nokia X6 16GB v12.0.91
    0589491: RM-559 CTR 16GB HISPANIA DARK_BLACK

    Read an email that HelloOX2 send me:

    “first, there is no HelloOX2 v2.04, it is a fake release.

    second, your firmware may not be hackable. we don’t have a X6 in our hand for test,
    we are not sure is the latest firmware also hackable. since no user reported to us,
    so we have not update our supported phone model list to include the supported
    firmware version. if it really doesn’t works, I can just refund you, I’m really sorry
    about that!

    Best Regards,
    HelloOX2 Team”

  • kash2001 said:

    Gutted the Hello 0×2 doesn’t work on updated N97 Mini’s everyone stalls at the install screen unpacking etc. There is word that pheonix works but it requires a hard reset and lost of installed apps so you have to start again :-(

    Wouldn’t mind to much a certs are difficult to get but ngage won’t work on an unhacked phone with hacked games.

    So unless these geniuses who hack these op systems can crack the latest software were all doomed.

    ATB for now

  • RicYin said:


    I tried this tutorial and although some things do not work properly with a bit of googling and reading comments i got through.

    You can just download Hello0X2 of the original site (unsigned too)

    The signing site has changed, but if you just follow the tutorial steps, and than what “nowitworks” posted as a comment it should all work.

    good luck ;)

  • Micky said:

    Im stuck on the unpacking file screen. What to do?

  • Cephalo said:

    This Guide is really bad it is almost impossible to follow it by a person that is not on expert level in Informatycs.The links give you more and more links wich are ending with dead links also the steps are so hard to follow that i couldnt get anything out of it.Tryed following the ppls posts and that couldnt help eather there are lots and lots of unanswered questions.

  • Jack said:

    I’m wondering what is the purpose of hacking a phone like the 63? What can you add after hacking it? Thanks in advance!

  • Peter said:


  • Peter said:

    Sorry i forget to said that Hellboox is in the mobile already but i can´t hack it. Its a N97.

  • Jeroen said:

    Sorry for reacting at this old post (it is still number 1 if you search google for “how to hack n97″).

    But the HelloOX2 file isn’t available anymore at the link you give.

    (I’m not english so my english isn’t perfect)

  • can said:

    Nice info

    this is link, how to hack symbian new metode


  • Ashley said:

    Mine sticks at installing root cert on my n97 mini

  • Ashley said:


  • marc said:

    howlong does the installing root certificate usually take?

  • karommi said:


    I have via imobile.cn signed my IMEI and got the file that i donwloaded…

    Got the HelloOX2 from unsigned to be signed via the tool i downloaded from the chineese website.

    Anyway, now i have transfered the signed version of HelloOX2.03 and try to run it, it goes all smooth and i install it. When i then try to run the installed application, i get stuck at “Unpacking file…” nothing happens after that and i get stuck.

    Please, could u tell me what the problem is or can be?

  • bismark said:

    i have DSTV(cable tv) on my N96 but anytime i try to connect to my television set the access is blocked. Can anyone help?

  • DarrenT said:

    Hey the link is invalid now can you update it please?

  • Dan said:

    does this work on nokia E72

  • NAM said:

    I don’t think HellOx works with new phones like N97 mini or X6. There are some hacks that do work but u got to flash your phone which is risky.Some hacks are not available for newer firmwares.

  • The Symbian Blog » Blog Archive » How To Add Super Cool Transitions To The N97 said:

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  • reykjavik said:

    not workin on n97 with the latest udate :(

  • Vaby Tech said:

    he he good trick man….thanks for sharing

  • coolnessp said:

    There its all solved here


  • alfie28 said:

    how to hack nokia n97 white 32gb from jeddah v21.0.045 RM-505

    im from philippines :)

    tnx somebody help me please email me alfie_12281992@yahoo.com or message me +639157733469

  • siraa said:

    its saying ” Constrained by the certificate” and i cant install it to my phone ( nokia n97 ) why is that?

  • iHAB said:

    Dude,why i can’t Install it ? it says “Certificate error.Conact the application supplier.”

  • adam said:

    why i hack my n97 what will it do to imporve my phone?

  • adam said:

    sorry why should i hack my n97 what will it do to improve my phone?

  • george vagen said:

    hi guys….im from greece….i buy my n97 before a month..and i have the same problem..”Certificate error”…….
    my software version is: V ICPR72_09w28.6

    please help..


  • Louis said:

    HelloOX2 should work the same for the N97 mini right? because you said you’ve hacked under 5 minutes but my phone has been unpacking file for more than 20 minutes. Any suggestions on what i might have done wrong?

  • Tahair said:

    This is a fucked up website and the people who are answering here are suckers they dont answer any question fuck you !!!!!!!!!! take a walk nothing works here dammm

  • Tahair said:

    and forgot to say that they don’t anwser because they themselves don’t know any shit about hacking fuck you again>>>

  • Nelu said:

    Hi,I’have nokia x6 from spain locked vodafone,please help me.thenks!!!

  • codasam said:

    I have Nokia E71 have try every thing to crack it but it has defile solution please and please can some one help, page me on e-mail: samo4real2001@yahoo.com, or smg me on +2348036870050

  • freak said:

    can n97 mini hack with this hell0x ?

  • raheel siddiqui said:

    When i try to hack my N97, using helloOX2 it stucks at cert root.
    does anyone know how to overcome with this problem

  • n86psyko said:

    No one here answers any questions. New firmwares 20.xx cant be hacked. Like n97/mini, n86, X6 etc. Thats why u ppl see that unpackin file, installin root certs prolongd messages. Also if u cancel it, then u will find another f***ing H: drive in ur phone that shows 0MB/0MB size until u uninstall HelloOX.
    In short, stop trying to hack ur phone untill THEY release HelloOX3.

  • n86psyko said:

    Instead of lookin for helloOX and otheq files, try googling for Drakkarious 3.01. Its a complete package containin helloOX, install server, caps on-off, rom patcher etc. for all other hackable phones. Also the site lists all the fones that fall under diff pre FP1, FP1, FP2 categories.
    N.b.: None above include N97, N86 8MP, or newer ones.

  • Tarun said:

    HI Mate,
    Thanks for such a elaborated description of installing the hellox, I have got my certficate for OPDA, Could you please advice how do I install these certificate onto my N97 Mini so that I can continue with the remaining process.

    Thanks in advance

  • faisal said:

    hello friend.. the link u gave for helloox…it gives an error that the link u provided is not valid. please post a new link.
    plus, can i hack my nokia n78 using this method? if no, then kindly suggest the way !!
    thanks a lot !

  • Mo said:

    Does unpacking files take a long time?

  • Anu said:

    how can I hack N95 8GB(fw 31.0.015)….plz help me..

  • Ajay said:

    I have Software version 22.0.110 in my Nokia N97 . I tried HelloOX 2 but it hangs on “Installing root certificate”. Is there any method by which I can hack C: drive of my mobile . I am not expert user.

  • Hot Stuff said:

    Does it apply to my new Nokia N8……

  • giomech said:

    Hello, Could anyone help me Nokia N97 tsertipikati want and where to find the key please help me mail me at giomech@yahoo.com Thank you in advance

  • hamza said:

    is it for N95 8gb

  • Nick Marshall said:

    Hacking any device in under 5 minutes is a win in my book, nice write up.

  • Heman86 said:

    Great program. I just got a nokia X6 from a friend and it was originally issued by T-Mobile so has all the T-Mobile apps/settings etc built into the factory settings. Is there a way for me to completely format the whole phone (wipe EVERYTHING, software the lot) and then re-install the nokia basic software without all the T-Mobile extras???? I can format the mass memory drive but not the primary C: drive. Any advice would be very helpful

  • Robertas said:

    Hello every one I,m sure it works but I can’t download it from 4 shared any more could any one put other link?

  • Paras said:

    Does it works in noikia E52???

  • love said:

    I just got the latest Nokia lumia 710 and id like to know if I can jailbreak it?