How To Hack Your Device In Under 5 Minutes

Having to sign an application every time you want to install something that’s not Symbian Signed is a bit of a pain, yes it can be done on the phone but if you want to completely rid yourself of this hassle then hacking your device is the best way forward. Unfortunately, Nokia had blocked this procedure via a new firmware for devices such as the E71, N96 and devices like the N97 were previously unhackable.

However, the Symbian community has once again managed a breakthrough in the from of the spanking new HelloOX2 application and you can hack almost any S60 3rd or 5th Edition device, Samsung i8910 HD included. This simple app will help you hack your device in under 5 minutes, all from the comfort of your bed without needing a computer. Difficulty level- Noob. Here’s how:

  • Extract the contents. I used X-plore to do so, but you can use any application of your choosing or even extract it on the computer and then send the file to your phone.

How To Hack Nokia N97

  • Next run the application, you will see quite a few screens like the following appear:

How To Hack Nokia N97

How To Hack Nokia N97

How To Hack Nokia N97

  • Now you will be asked if you want to install Modo, a file manager with the capability of seeing all files, including the ones in the ‘Sys’ folder. Installing it or not will not affect the hack, I chose to install it. The application will then quit and your phone would be ‘hacked’.

How To Hack Nokia N97

  • But before you can install any unsigned application, you will need to open ‘ROM Patcher’ from the ‘Applications’ folder and activate the ‘Installserver_FP2’ patch.

How To Hack Nokia N97

  • Hit Options and then ‘Apply’. That’s it. You can now forget about signing files.

How To Hack Nokia N97

  • Lastly, a word of caution. Please be very careful in what unsigned files you install. Wares and applications from untrusted sources can damage your device. Also, please do this at your own risk.

123 thoughts on “How To Hack Your Device In Under 5 Minutes”

  1. When i try to hack my N97, using helloOX2 it stucks at cert root.
    does anyone know how to overcome with this problem

  2. hi,
    No one here answers any questions. New firmwares 20.xx cant be hacked. Like n97/mini, n86, X6 etc. Thats why u ppl see that unpackin file, installin root certs prolongd messages. Also if u cancel it, then u will find another f***ing H: drive in ur phone that shows 0MB/0MB size until u uninstall HelloOX.
    In short, stop trying to hack ur phone untill THEY release HelloOX3.

  3. contd…
    Instead of lookin for helloOX and otheq files, try googling for Drakkarious 3.01. Its a complete package containin helloOX, install server, caps on-off, rom patcher etc. for all other hackable phones. Also the site lists all the fones that fall under diff pre FP1, FP1, FP2 categories.
    N.b.: None above include N97, N86 8MP, or newer ones.

  4. HI Mate,
    Thanks for such a elaborated description of installing the hellox, I have got my certficate for OPDA, Could you please advice how do I install these certificate onto my N97 Mini so that I can continue with the remaining process.

    Thanks in advance

  5. hello friend.. the link u gave for helloox…it gives an error that the link u provided is not valid. please post a new link.
    plus, can i hack my nokia n78 using this method? if no, then kindly suggest the way !!
    thanks a lot !

  6. I have Software version 22.0.110 in my Nokia N97 . I tried HelloOX 2 but it hangs on “Installing root certificate”. Is there any method by which I can hack C: drive of my mobile . I am not expert user.

  7. Great program. I just got a nokia X6 from a friend and it was originally issued by T-Mobile so has all the T-Mobile apps/settings etc built into the factory settings. Is there a way for me to completely format the whole phone (wipe EVERYTHING, software the lot) and then re-install the nokia basic software without all the T-Mobile extras???? I can format the mass memory drive but not the primary C: drive. Any advice would be very helpful

  8. Hello every one I,m sure it works but I can’t download it from 4 shared any more could any one put other link?

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