How To Add Super Cool Transitions To The N97

The Symbian UI is generally criticised for not having enough eye candy and even if you turn on the theme effects on the N97, it doesn’t do much. However, for those of you who are fans of slick transitions, I have some good news. You can now add super cool theme effects onto your N97 easily and in under 5 minutes (that’s how long it took me) by following the simple tutorial below and without a computer. But first have a look at this YouTube video I’ve put together demonstrating some of these transition effects.

These transitions are the result of hard and brilliant work put in by DSCOBSCT and DAVEYP187 of SF. The transitions effects come in small packages and you can only use one at a time. Here’s how to get them to work:

  • Open ROM Patcher from the ‘Applications’ menu (or wherever you have moved it to) and you will see the ‘c2z’ patch. Enable it along with ‘open4all’ from the ‘Options’ menu.

How To Add Transitions To The N97

  • Open ‘X-Plore’. If you do not have it, then I recommend downloading it as it features the capability of extracting from ‘rar’ and ‘zip’ files.
  • Next, navigate to where you have stored the package on the phone and open it. You will see two folders, ‘effects’ and ‘skins’ irrespective of the package you downloaded.

How To Add Transitions To The N97

  • Select the two folders and hit Menu>File>Extract To.

How To Add Transitions To The N97

  • Now, navigate to C:Resource and extract the folder into it.

How To Add Transitions To The N97

  • Make sure that the folder you have extracted are placed in the ‘Resource’ folder.

How To Add Transitions To The N97

  • Once that is done, simply exit X-Plore and goto Settings>Themes>General. Select ‘Options’ and toggle ‘Theme Effects’ off/on. Then leave it in the ‘On’ mode and exit.

How To Add Transitions To The N97

  • You will now have your new effects in place. Enjoy!

TIP: Goto ROM Patcher, select ‘Options’ > ‘Patch’ > ‘Add to auto’ for the ‘c2z’ patch so that you have the transitions enabled everytime you bootup.

How To Add Super Cool Transitions To The N97

As is with all transitions, these also slow the phone down a bit and can cause some stability issues as well, although the ‘Swipe’ package is pretty efficient in these departments. As always, please try this at your own risk.

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  1. Hey Vaibhav Sharma,

    I have a question regarding HelloOX2

    I have updated my N97 to v2 fw, and i get stuck when installing helloox2.
    It freezes at Unpacking files. Is this because of the new firmware?

  2. Hi vaibhav…. i have downloaded c2z patch but when i enable this patch, my mobile always goes tto freeezee…. this is strange, but can u help me with that?

  3. Hi vaibhav!!!
    thanks for a great tutorial and also thanks to the comments made by some visitors ( that helped me alot getting a c2z version for 12.x).
    now i m stucked again. i m using x-plore v1.35. with i copy the zoom transition (its a .rar)from the directory it say cannot create directory \resource\effects and \resource\skins. please help me what to do now… i have tried the whole instructions twice but may be its an issue related to the version of x-plore i m using???

  4. Hi!

    I cant download the transition packages.It says “link is broken”. Is there any other place I can get them??

  5. hey need some help. the c2z doesnt work, it just reboots my n97. also
    i instaled modo but it doesnt let me extraxt anything. and i cant go back on it .. please help… .

  6. i checked and it says that N97 with firmware version v20 cannot be hacked! T_T
    mine is v20, and it got stuck at “unpacking file…”.
    (if any of you wanna check, use the dialer to enter *#0000#)
    is there any other hacking software that can be used?
    thanks a lot 🙂

  7. i succseesed add transition effect to my nokia 5530 with zoom_v2 effect
    it cool with nice animation and nice rotation
    but first i fail with c2z patch from direct link
    my phone restart when i activate c2z patch
    then i delete it

    i got the c2z patch from

    and it work!!!

    next i’ll try swipe style effect like on the video
    but the link does’nt work at

    please share swipe style effect link if u find it…

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  9. hey i don’t have a resource folder on my C…what’s wrong? how can i extract the theme then? where to? plzzzzzzzz help

  10. hi vaibhav i was wondering if hellox2 works on 21.0.045 as its not working now and it worked on the previous firmware before.if not is there any other way to fix this?

  11. hey guys i want to hack my n97 so i downloaded phoenix went thru all the steps n just when i thought i got it working it stuffed up phoenix find my phones details but when i click refurbish it says something bout getting list of files to be flashed failed can some one help me?

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