How To Add Super Cool Transitions To The N97

The Symbian UI is generally criticised for not having enough eye candy and even if you turn on the theme effects on the N97, it doesn’t do much. However, for those of you who are fans of slick transitions, I have some good news. You can now add super cool theme effects onto your N97 easily and in under 5 minutes (that’s how long it took me) by following the simple tutorial below and without a computer. But first have a look at this YouTube video I’ve put together demonstrating some of these transition effects.

These transitions are the result of hard and brilliant work put in by DSCOBSCT and DAVEYP187 of SF. The transitions effects come in small packages and you can only use one at a time. Here’s how to get them to work:

  • Open ROM Patcher from the ‘Applications’ menu (or wherever you have moved it to) and you will see the ‘c2z’ patch. Enable it along with ‘open4all’ from the ‘Options’ menu.

How To Add Transitions To The N97

  • Open ‘X-Plore’. If you do not have it, then I recommend downloading it as it features the capability of extracting from ‘rar’ and ‘zip’ files.
  • Next, navigate to where you have stored the package on the phone and open it. You will see two folders, ‘effects’ and ‘skins’ irrespective of the package you downloaded.

How To Add Transitions To The N97

  • Select the two folders and hit Menu>File>Extract To.

How To Add Transitions To The N97

  • Now, navigate to C:Resource and extract the folder into it.

How To Add Transitions To The N97

  • Make sure that the folder you have extracted are placed in the ‘Resource’ folder.

How To Add Transitions To The N97

  • Once that is done, simply exit X-Plore and goto Settings>Themes>General. Select ‘Options’ and toggle ‘Theme Effects’ off/on. Then leave it in the ‘On’ mode and exit.

How To Add Transitions To The N97

  • You will now have your new effects in place. Enjoy!

TIP: Goto ROM Patcher, select ‘Options’ > ‘Patch’ > ‘Add to auto’ for the ‘c2z’ patch so that you have the transitions enabled everytime you bootup.

How To Add Super Cool Transitions To The N97

As is with all transitions, these also slow the phone down a bit and can cause some stability issues as well, although the ‘Swipe’ package is pretty efficient in these departments. As always, please try this at your own risk.

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  1. Hey vaibhav. I thought you were invited to official nokia events and stuff and even got an n97 from them. Wont posting such hacks affect your relationship with nokia?

  2. @manojlds – If Nokia takes offense to this, then I think that they are missing are the entire point of smart phones. Customization became a necessity years ago & unless this breaks some copyright law or it kills children in the dark, this kind of customization should be encouraged, by users, by manufacturers & by software houses!

  3. Manojlds, It is true that I have been invited to official events and that I get to trail devices.

    However, to Nokia’s credit they have never tried to influence what I have had to say about their products and services. Therefore, I’m sure they will continue to respect the freedom that a blogger enjoys. Moreover, these things only go towards improving the N97 experience, so its a good thing really, more happy customers.

    DChetty, exactly.

  4. @DChetty, Vaibhav
    Hey guys I know about that and Nokia has also been conducting lots of competitions like that widget one for N97, but they wouldn want their devices to be hacked do they? Even though i commented on this one, i was meaning the previous post on how to hack (which is, of course, the base for this). Nokia, for example, wouldn want an avenue for malware to be opened up in their devices. And yeah, i have heard of these cases in consoles where consumers complained that they have every right to hack their consoles since they own them now..the console makers were not happy at all..

  5. why does it not work for the n5800 xm?
    i mean its the same operation system s605th except of the hardware differences but am i wrong if the folder layout and firmware datas are almost identical i mean sure the homescreen with widgets and the full qwerty keyboard need a new programing at all and also the browser but themes etc work for both phones aswell so is there anyway to add those to the xm? this 1 works aswell
    would it be possible to do this for the 5800?

  6. u need to have the 5800 default series60skin.mbm and .mif in c/resourse/skins. it will work then.

  7. This is cool and all and goes a long way to improving the look and feel but if this was implemented by Nokia I’d hope they have an option to turn it off. I prefer my phone to go fast not to be pretty. One of the reasons why I don’t buy an iphone.

  8. anyone faced the software update failuire… well, when pushing software update on the phone it won’t work, anyone pls to help.

  9. @ Vaibhav Sharma

    having an issue doing this and its ironic
    installed RomPatcher, enabled c2z and open4all
    found the files…clicked extract to but there was no
    C:resource via using Xplorer
    ok cool tried Ybrowser saw resource but no files…
    extracted the files placed them in a folder on the phone
    (effects and skins) used YBrowser…saw files but unable to
    copy/cut them to c:resource

    so im in a weird position….where xplorer copies the files but no c:resource and Ybrowser cant copy the files but finds C:resource

    if possible you can contact me via my email….

  10. I’m facing the same problem as RobertH above mentioned.
    I used MODO to locate the resource folder but the program is unable to copy/paste file into that specific drive, I then try X-plore but I could even locate the folder…

    Please teach me what to do next.

  11. I think this patch (c2z) doesn’t work with the new firmware v12.2.024. Every time when I tried to apply this patch, the phone reset itself…

    Do you why this occur?


  12. @ Alex@HK

    You have to go to Tools–> Configuration–>, and mark the option for “Show Hidden Files”….

    Good Luck!

  13. I’m under a similar impression that with the most recent firmWare update this nicety no longer works. 🙁 However (for those having problems cut/pasting) I had to reboot my device after having it synced with PCSync to gain access to the folder… it would not copy/paste into C:\Resources with Xplorer, although Modo worked… but then, after I pasted with Modo, Xplorer worked, so go figure. Now, they both work, but, I can’t get the cZ2 to work without crashing/freezing my device upon start of that patch. So, no luck, no flashy, not until the bugs worked out or the firmWare deal has been worked around. 🙁

  14. Can anyone tell me why x-plore is failing to see C:\Resources. I have done everything else but am failing to extract the Effects and skins Y browser can see it right enough but I can’t extract with it.

  15. @Dumi, in X-Plore, go to Menu –> Tools –> Configuration –> Check/select ‘Show system files/folders’ checkbox

  16. This was awesome on N97 FW 11.x, but doesn’t work on 12.x because it restarts like Relu and Pablo said.
    Does onyone have a solution?

  17. Tried all kinds of ways, change language to english and so on but nothing works to patch in FW 12.x. The N97 blacks out and restarts? Anyone have a solution for this? Cracked the phone in FW 11.x with a signed HelloX2 v.2.01. I can install unsigned apps.

  18. If I don’t have x plore (because I can’t install it), can I just extract to my computer and waht files do I have to copy?

  19. I’ve installed Xplore. But now the problem is that there is no folder named “Resource” in the C:\. What should I do? Please help.
    Thank you…

  20. Finally, I tried using Modo to move the Effects and Skins filees to the Resource file in drive C, and this works!

  21. Awesome, it works 🙂 but i dont know how to istall the swipe one because it doesnt have the effect and skin folder…

  22. I managed to do this as well, and noticed that now the SW Update application doesn’t work anymore. It opens up but crashes, does anyone have similar experiences and potential fixes?

  23. Hey. I need some help! The problem is, that I cant install the Hello0x2. I simply CANT! I am trying to get a signed Hello0x2 for over a 5 hours now! I am VERY VERY VEEEEERY fcking angry becouse ITS JUST NOT WORKING OMFG !!!!!

  24. Thanks for the information. Its great that we can add super cool theme effects onto our N97. N97 is one of the best phone available in the market. It is very easy and not time-consuming.

  25. dude…anytime i do this, it works but when i want to open d OVI tells me “system error”, and then everything hangs…this happens because the c2z patch is enabled..because when i disable it (which makes d effects stop working) the error vanishes…pls is der a way dat my OVI store nd internet based apps can wrk while d c2z patch is enabled,.????….pls help asap!!

  26. thank u for the effects iwve been looking for this for my n97 so long
    –but i have aproblem:(
    i put the c2z patch in patches and when i open rompatcher and i activate c2z the phone freez or restart so i cant do the rest
    can some one help?? thank u

  27. Im having the same problem, I tried with the method from this website and the phone rebooted so I downloaded the c2z file for firmware version 12.x and it still reboots, any Ideas as of why!?


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