New Nokia N97 Firmware v12.0.024 Now Available

In what should come as great news to N97 owners, Nokia has started rolling out the v12 firmware. The update is currently not available over the air, but if you fire up the Nokia Software Updater, you should see it.

New Nokia N97 Firmware v12.0.024 Now Available

The update is also visible via the ‘SW Update’ application on the device, but currently it directs you to use the PC to update.  There is not much information given about the firmware apart from ‘Improves phone’s performance and brings you the latest features’.

The N97 features user data preservation, so you can update without the fear of loosing data. I will meanwhile look for a Windows machine to try and update.

If you find something new, make sure you let us know via the comments section.

17 thoughts on “New Nokia N97 Firmware v12.0.024 Now Available”

  1. v12.2.024 (as written in title), or v12.0.024 (as seen on screenshot)? Which one is it? It seems to be messed up, whichever I stumble upon it on. o.O

  2. Device updated with no issues.
    All user data and settings are preserved.
    Have not found anything new, so far.
    However, there is a noticable improvement on the ui in terms of transitions and touch usability.

  3. Updated last night (I’ve been checking every day since I got the N97 two weeks ago).

    So far I’m disappointed with the phone. It’s sluggish, often unresponsive, and so far I’ve had to pull the battery no less than 5 times. On 3 of those occasions I was asked to re-enter the date and time details. On one time it for some reason decided to kill 3 applications I had installed on the mass memory.

    And don’t get me started on the inconsistent UI and UE. Nokia fail miserably in this regard.

    So the new software went on last night without a hitch. All settings are retained as was all 3rd party software.

    So what’s different? Bugger all from what I can see so far. One thing I did notice was when browsing photos you now see the ‘back’ button when you touch the screen in portrait mode. Before you had to slide the keyboard out to see it.

    Performance wise I really can’t see anything worth writing home about. I had hoped a lot of the UI inconsistencies would be fixed and that general speed would be improved. But alas that is not the case. It’s still slow. The worst part is that sometimes you’ll press a button on screen and because it takes a few seconds to acknowledge, I have doubt as to if I actually pressed it properly. So I press again and of course it catches up but now there are 2 presses in the cue, and the 2nd one will do something I didn’t want it to – like exit the program.

    While I’m sure there are some very clever people working on the Symbian 5th edition software, they are clueless when it comes to creating a consistent and reliable user experience. Hire a usability expert FFS. Programmers should not be in charge of usability and design.

    I really had high hopes for the N97 – but in my opinion this phone should never have been released in this state. The iPhone is a couple of years old now and even when it was released back then it’s pisses all over what the N97 is today in terms of speed and usability. How can Nokia call the N97 a flagship device when it can’t even match the performance and slickness of a 2 year old Phone?

    Today I will be taking the N97 back to where I got it. I’ve given it a good shot, but Nokia have failed me – failed all of us I think.

    They really need to be out in the community saying “You know what? Yes there are problems, and these are the ones we plan to fix next, and this is when they will be fixed”. But instead they are like some invisible presence that never shares any information. How can you roll our an update without making a change-log available? Do they seriously expect us to just guess?

    I’m looking at Android phones today. After playing around with my friends Android phone I can say it leaves the N97 for dead.

    Adios Nokia. You won’t be missed.

  4. @thatwebguy

    Hi! You seem to have had a bad experience with your N97 mate. I mean I have never ever had to pull out the battery even once from my fone from the time i purchased it due to a hanging problem or sluggish response, whatsoever; touch wood 🙂

    With all due respect mate, the symbian OS on the N97 is quite robust now with the update to the new v12. Just did it some 12 odd hours back and ever since it feels like the N97 has a got a new breath of life, its a major improvement from the stock v10 that i got with the device…the fone boots quickly and even the lag that used to be present earlier has been addressed. You probably should reinstall the new firmware after doing a hard reset of the device…that should eliminate any chances of any system errors of any kind 🙂

    Also, regarding the iphone vs N97 battle, i wouldnt even consider switching to an apple because of the sheer productivity that the N97 offers…i mean i dont need to tell you some of the basic things that Apple misses out in a fone and stands embarrassed in front of the N97…though i agree the underlying unix with some odd 600 mhz is pretty responsive on the iphone 🙂

    Do have faith in a brand which has always understood and been dominant in the market for all these years…and yes, the guys programming the OS are not fools 🙂 they know exactly what consumers face as problems and am pretty satisfied with the speed at which they are rectifying the bugs :p v12 brings in loads of improvements, trust me…

    So the solution: hard reset your device–>reinstall v12–>make sure u format ure mass memory–>see the difference


  5. Both are correct. The different versions are device specific;

    RM-505 = 12.0.024
    RM-506 = 12.1.024
    RM-507 = 12.2.024

  6. The missing changelog is for sure unreliable but comparisons to the apple-thing also not fair. For some people (like me) the N97 is the tool I’ve ever waited for. Easy synchronisation with outlook, use the internet via fingertip, navigation in wide format (Sygic), endless music, pushmail and the best pictures I ever took with such small lense. By the way, the update was successful and all data was preserved. For me it was stable before and after the update. So basically I can’t see any change, for me it’s fine. Happy before – Happy now.

  7. Had to debrand from UK vodafone to get latest FW update. Once I did that though I have seen a marked improvement in speed and stability. Saying that if it wasnt for the nice camera (weirdly not as good as my N95 8gb) Id have an HTC hero rather than a technically excellent phone with a poor, outdated OS like the N97. Meh. No doubt it will improve further as more FW updates become available. Will probably be bug free just in time for me to upgrade to the latest Android handset. 🙂

  8. i just got the update v12.0.024 from the vodafone store here in holland
    and now my keyboard has gone all wonky all the letters are mixed up example when you pres q it gives an a when u pres a it gives q it also does it for the other letters (the ones where you heve to pres the blue arow) how can i fix this the guy at the vodafone store said try the language setings but no changes when i tried
    does anyone have any idea how to fix it pls help

  9. i have a brand new VODAFONE n95, how can i get firmware for my phone?
    please response. by the way the phone is given by my Tito from London and the phone is made in Finland, but i live in Philippines.

  10. Well here we are in the UK, with our non-network, but CV (country variant) phones still waiting for V12.
    When asked, Nokia support just says “Shortly”… They last said that to me on 9th September.
    World+dog has V12, we still have V11+bugs.

    Thanks so much for showing your UK customers how much you value them.

    At this rate we will be lucky to see V20 before 2010… And they wonder why people use NSS and hack the model number to generic Euro!

    There’s an 11 page petition on the Nokia support forums, so if you’re in the same boat, please come and sign, they might bother to take notice, you never know!

  11. Hi,
    Even I upgraded my N97 software and realized that it was too slow, the screen goes blank when processing tasks, the phone hangs for a while on opening up the keyboard. I then checked out the tips about the update and i got the answer to my problem from

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