Brief: '' Has Gone Live

The Maemo developer platform team just everyone know that ‘‘ has just gone live. In short, it will the place you will be able to see the Maemo platform develop and the whole open source idea kick in. If you want a little more explanation, here’s what the team had to say: will be the place where Maemo devices develops the Maemo platform in the open.

Naturally the upstream projects that are used by Maemo Devices will be developed at the upstream sources, while everything else Maemo Devices  develops in the open will move to as time goes by.

The idea of having a single location is to make it easier for people to find what they are looking for and to have a simple way to contribute back.

If you are a pure consumer who is interested in the end product, chances are you will never need to look this page up. However, if you have a bit of interest in development, this will be a place you want to check out.